A Victorian Maiden….

Blouse- Vintage
Skirt and necklace- Innocent World
Katyusha, tights, boots- Offbrand
Well, I’m not wearing any Victorian Maiden items in this outfit, but it has a Victorian look to me!
This blouse is one of my favourites. The front is decorated with vertical lines of lace, and the sleeves are in two sections, puffy at the top and narrower from the elbow. It buttons up the back. It’s a very elegant example of 1970s Victorian revival. Sadly due to it’s age it’s rather delicate, so I can’t wear it so often. That reminds me, I need to mend it a bit!
Since getting into Lolita fashion I’ve always favoured dresses over skirts, but lately I’m coming to appreciate them more and more! I especially love the look of a tight waistband with a loose blouse- I think it makes one’s waist look very dainty! What do you think, reader? How do you coordinate your skirts?
Looking forward to writing my next post! See you soon!

3 thoughts on “A Victorian Maiden….

  1. Oh, thank you sooo much! Sorry, my blog is still a bit boring-looking but hopefully it will get more interesting as it goes along. I'll try to update often, and I hope we can have a chat on here :)I'm following your blog now, your craft projects are really interesting. I'd love to see some more!

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