Country Lolita in Winter….

Blouse- Vintage
Cardigan, tights, boots- Offbrand
Hair ribbons- Handmade by me
Jumperskirt- Metamorphose
I really love the look of Country Lolita! Country Loli is usually worn in summer, but I think you can capture the same homely sort of image in Winter too. Floral prints and tartan are very Country and quite suitable for winter. Gingham is typical for this style but I think only a dark gingham is correct for winter.
I tend to associate Country Loli with Anne of Green Gables. I loved those books when I was a child and I still love them today! If you haven’t read them, I really reccommend them. The characterisations are so perfect, and the descriptions of nature are beautiful and vivid. L. M. Mongomery also describes clothes wonderfully! I felt a lot of sympathy for Anne as she longed for pretty dresses.
For this style, I think the aim is simplicity and innocence, so you don’t need to wear a lot of gorgeous jewelery or fancy hair accessories.
A simple hair style like braids adds to the innocent appearance. Fishtail braids would be very cute! Beautiful red hair and freckles like Anne Shirley would be perfect, but sadly I don’t have the complexion for either…..
Thick stockings and warm winter boots complete the image. I’m ready for a wintry walk down to The Lake Of Shining Waters!

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