Victorian schoolgirl inspired outift

Well, last time I posted my new earmuffs but not the outfit I was wearing that day!
Onepiece- Metamorphose
Sweater- Vintage
Everything else- Offbrand
This Metamorphose onepiece dress was the first Lolita piece I got when I decided to start seriously building my wardrobe (I had some odd bits and pieces before that, but it took a while for me to get into the fashion fully). At that time, I wasn’t 100% sure of my measurements, which is why this dress is rather short on me! 
Although it’s a bit too short for me to wear in a strictly Lolita coord, nonetheless I think it’s cute and I wear it a lot for casual occaisions. It’s loose-fitting and the empire line makes it very comfortable. I feel quite active in this dress, so it’s useful for busy days.
For an extra-cute look I tie the waist ribbons at the front in a big bow!
To create a Victorian schoolgirl image, I coordinated dark tights and lace-up ankle boots. The high-collared sweater adds to the period look and long braids enhance the girlish atmosphere. Wearing this outfit I feel like one of The Railway Children!
Oh, and I added some hair clips with pink, black and cream roses to match the theme colours:
It looks like my twin behind me, but actually it’s a mirror! I’d love to do twin-loli someday. The problem is that I’m over 170cm, so I’m more likely to appear like an older sister than a twin…. 
See you next time, and thanks for looking.

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