Retro coordinate

Hello everyone!
My time at university is drawing to a close, and so as you can imagine it’s a very busy time for me. My final hand-in is in less than two weeks! I can’t wait to see my collection finished, but the pressure certainly is on. Well, hopefully I’ll be sharing a photograph of all six outfits with you before long!
I’ve also got the D live coming up this week! I’ve had a little break from work this evening and done a trial run of my outfit. I think it’s a bit different from my usual style! For now, here’s a 1950s style coordinate I wore over Easter to dinner with family friends.
~All vintage and offbrand~
I found this pretty polka dot dress at a vintage market in London’s Brick Lane for just £5! It was in a bit of a sorry state and needed a lot of fixing, but actually I love to do that sort of thing so it suited me very well! Although this outfit has a retro effect, this JSK can work well in a Lolita coord too.
Oh, I wanted to say a special thank you to the reader who made me a Valentine a little while ago! I really do appreciate your sweet sentiment, and I feel a great deal of happiness to receive a lovely Valentine. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to make one for me, it means a lot to me.
Until next time then!
With love from Sapphira

7 thoughts on “Retro coordinate

  1. Apologies, this is very OT but I was wondering if we could some day have a hair tutorial by you [insert much begging and grovelling for this to become true one day]? I seriously need to know how you do it!That dress is seriously cute. It reminds me of the best vintage markets I ever visited, which were all in Shrewsbury of all places! I shouldn't be so surprised but it's such a small town, and to see f.ex. an antique wedding kimono in one of them was just about as expected as an alien landing on the top of my head.

  2. Hanae~Thanks for your comment! I'm sewing the fifth outfit right now, haha!Alice in Fashionland~Oh, good luck for your exams! Your subject sounds so interesting, but also tough. All the best!Kaino~I'm really flattered that you would ask for a tutorial! I'll certainly have to make one if you like 🙂 I had no idea that there were such good vintage markets in Shrewsbury, that is unexpected. I shall have to pay them a visit sometime!

  3. I'm sure the outfits will be great!I love your hairstyles, too, a tutorial would be wonderful. I'd be really grateful if you'd do one at some time or another. I'm not really talented when it comes to hairstyles, haha! ^^;

  4. duplica-chan~It's in London's Brick Lane, the nearest tube is Liverpool Street. The markets are usually held at weekends, however there are lots of vintage boutiques in that area that you can visit any time. The markets are a little bit cheaper. I expect you already have plans for your time in the UK so I don't like to impose, but if you like I would be very happy to show you around myself!

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