Blonde memories

Hello everyone! The comments you left in my last post got me really thinking about my hair….
My natural hair colour is jet black, but you may have noticed in some of my photos that the ends are a very dark, reddish brown. The reason…….
It used to look like this!
Something like hay, basically. 
However, it was fun being a blonde! It made a big change, since for most of my life my hair was long, black and centre-parted. 
You see, when I was a sixth former I discovered Visual Kei and Lolita, and when I left school decided to bleach my hair and cut a fringe. At first I bleached it brown (Merveilles-era Gackt phase) then after a year or so lightened it to blonde (Lareine-era Kamijo phase). Of course, it takes a lot of bleach to go from black to blonde (or yellow in my case) and so although I have very strong, coarse hair it did get rather damaged. It looks ok in this picture, but it wasn’t super flattering!
When I took this picture it was the first time I wore Innocent World (lent to me by the lovely friend I was staying with at the time), and I think it was on this day that I realised how much I adore Classic Lolita style. Another big change was in order! Just a couple of months after this I began to seriously collect Classic items, and had my hair dyed back to it’s natural colour. Unfortunately very bleached hair doesn’t absorb dye easily, so the browny bits of my hair are the previously blonde parts. It’s grown ever so much since then! Not quite enough yet though, I still want it longer. 

 Well, that is the saga of my hair. I promise a tutorial of what I do with it these days will be coming up! 
See you next time, and thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Blonde memories

  1. Aww, cute but I prefer your dark hair! I used to have bleached blonde hair (from black (dyed) to blonde) and finally managed to grow out the last blond strawy bits! Though my blond hair was more related to trying to look like a Malfoy. Lol. Love the dress as well.

  2. though I understand this is one of the older post, but I just want to say that black is the best hair colour and I think it suits you and classic loli very well! I totally understand what you mean because black is my natural hair colour as well, but I have had it for so long so now I am trying out different colours just for a change!

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