GFW continued

Today I present you with a more informative post on my graduate fashion show.
First, a video of the catwalk! By the way, the correct spelling of my name is “SAPPHIRA”, not the rolling ‘rrrrr”- spelling that appears in the projection. I’m a little bitter about that!
Now some photos!

I made paper bows as accessories. I like the way they nod as the girls walk!
As you can see, I painted the soles of the shoes to match the collection colours.

Ta-da! You can click this picture to link to my page on
Here’s the finale! Well done to all my classmates. You can see me on the far right of the stage wearing a blue onepiece.

Finally a picture of me on the day, very, very, very tired.
Coat- Innocent World
Onepiece, bag- Vintage
Corasges- Handmade
Everything else- Offbrand
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it, and see you next time!

5 thoughts on “GFW continued

  1. I love that gray and orange dress, especially how it moves! And the huge buttons and the collar on the first orange one. Naturally you, too, looked amazing.

  2. Congratulations on the successful show, the pacing was wonderful!I just love your outfit, you look so elegant. Such a cute and charming curtsy at the end of the second video!

  3. Hanae Fayette~Thank you! I love this music, I'm very glad the show director took my suggestion to use it.Kaino~You're very kind! Tyler~I like how you say 'my first show' since I do hope I'll have another one someday! Good luck with all your fashion endeavours- I admire your skills a lot!missinginaction~Thank you so much! The tights are from River Island are on sale! Hope you can get them ❤

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