Today is the day after the day after St Swithun’s day….

….which also happens to be my brithday!
Today I’m just enjoying spending time at home, watching Pom Poko, sewing and admiring the pretty flowers and cards that I received.
However, yesterday I had a birthday outing to the zoo!

Coat- Innocent World
JSK- Metamorphose
Everything else- Offbrand

I had a lovely summery coordinate all worked out, but the weather conspired against me and I had to change completely. Although it was rather wet, I still had a lovely day!
We began at the reptile house, since I was hoping to see my favourite Himalayan newts. They are very playful, friendly little things, with adorable fat tummies. When I found them, they were fast asleep in their pitch dark tank! Oh well. We saw lots of other interesting creatures though, like this skink that had a tail like a spiky baguette (on the right):
This dear little bird seemed to match my coordinate rather well!
Exotic ducks were striking some very ‘editorial’ poses:
I wish I looked so stylish while taking a nap!
This tamarin was very cute, he leapt about a lot and had a very sweet squeaky voice.
I was looking forward to seeing the giraffes, and they didn’t disappoint! They were very impressive and beautiful, almost unreal. 
I would almost think they were mechanical dolls, if not for the fact that they have a very strong horsey  smell about them. I’m actually very fond of that smell myself (I love horses and I used to ride), but some of my fellow visitors found it a bit too pungent!
A lovely day, all in all! The only thing that made me a bit sad was the lack of newts, so I’ll post this video I found on youtube of the little chaps. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Today is the day after the day after St Swithun’s day….

  1. Hane-Thank you so much! You're very sweet.Alice In Fashionland-Thank you ❤ Gosh, you always do the most interesting things! I love the reptile house too.Tyler-You're so kind, thank you!Niesje7002-Thank you very much!Piperita Patty-Thanks for your lovely birhday message ❤

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