I’m a graduate!

Yes, I’ve been a graduate for almost a week now. The ceremony was a very nice way to end my four years of study. I shook hands with my university’s chancellor, the designer Zandra Rhodes. At 75 she still has bright pink hair! I do hope I’ll wear Lolita all my life. Actually, classic lolis are sometimes accused of being granny-ish, aren’t they? I don’t mind the comparison, I’ve seen many stylish grannies, including my own! What about sweets and gothics though? I’d love to see an Angelic Pretty or a Moitié granny someday!
I had a great time at Hyper Japan this weekend, and I’m working on a big post covering the event! Please check back for it later this week!

10 thoughts on “I’m a graduate!

  1. Congratulations! Oh I do love Zandra Rhodes, I did work experience at her studio and it was a hoot! I missed the lolita fashion show on Sunday 😦 I hope it went well.

  2. Kaino~Thank you, and thank you! White shoes are a bit impractical, but I love them <3satoko~Oh, you commented! Thank you thank you indeed 😀 Namalie~I missed Saturday's show sadly! I underestimated how long it would take to travel. Sunday's went well though! Piperita Patty~Yes, pink-haired chancellors are rather rare! missinginaction~Thank you! I'm starting to design a new collection now, I can't wait to show you my new work when it's ready. †Niesje7002†~Thank you very much!Hanabira Keiko~Thank you! I hope I can push my design and my personal style much further.redtonic~Thank you dear!MissVermillion~Thank you very much!

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