I’m taking an interval from posting about Singapore to write about the Versailles live last week.
My camera is out of action at the moment, so unfortunately I couldn’t get a coord snap. I wore my Metamorphose Antique Bouquet onepiece with an Innocent World necklace.
I really enjoyed the live! Hello to the lovely girl I met there, was it Sarah? My ears were ringing a bit still, so I’m not sure if I heard your name correctly. Please excuse my deafness, I was glad to meet you! I’m sad to have missed Emilie and Cordelia though 😦 I was looking out for you two!
Well well, so now I’ve seen Kamijo. And I’ve been smiling a lot since then! 
I thouroughly enjoyed myself. Although the band seemed a little tired, and could perhaps have been a bit  livelier, their appearance and performance was certainly gorgeous. Versailles’ “twirls” were one of the highlights for me. Everyone’s costume was engineered for maximum twirlability, whether it was a cape, a big skirt, long coat tails, or, in the case of Teru, a fabulous net curtain(!)
 Kamijo’s movements were so…. Kamijo-y! Flamboyant and graceful, perfect. So much that it’s bit hard to believe he’s flesh and blood! Hizaki also conducted himself very elegantly and daintily, even when leaping bodily into the crowd- that part scared me a bit! He looks so softly pretty in real life, more convincingly feminine than I expected.
Yuki looked very handsome and his drumming was cool, but both he and Masashi seemed to me a bit subdued. However, Teru was certainly entertaining in his glittering lace cape; he probably had the most energy, and his very very wide smile was infectious. My friend and I admired his gilt-trimmed pumpkin pants- they had just the right amount of pouf! 
Sadly both my friends and I couldn’t go to the meet and greet afterwards, we wouldn’t have been able to get home otherwise. I do wish they had started earlier, they didn’t play for that long and it would have been so nice to meet them! Did any readers get to go to the meet and greet? Please tell me your experiences!

11 thoughts on “Versailles!

  1. Oh! And! I did get to meet and greet them, although it was very quick (a handshake and "thank you" from each of the band members). They did not allow photography. I hope it's because they are actually vampires.

  2. Hello Sapphira ^^ (sorry i dont have a blog only a livejournal account) again im so sorry i didnt say hello, shyness is a curse! But you looked so beautiful and i'm glad you seemed to have had a wonderful time! The meet and greet was very quick indeed – so i wouldnt be too disappointed you missed it. Literally you shook the hand of each member very quickly and said thanks then you were ushered off. It was very rushed as they obviously had many people to get through.Also off topic – i love your blog so much, your pictures are so inspirational and pretty! I need to create my own blog to see your pictures more often i think 😉

  3. Satoko~If only we could have gone to one of MM's lives, just think of the twirling we would see!Violette B.~Thank you for saying that, I hope so too! Yes, Versailles were very good, though I think I didn't catch their best performance. I would love to see Moi dix Mois live next!torment2romance~I never got around to writing in my livejournal, since I didn't want to make a diary-style blog (I think my diary would be much too dull!). If you do make a blog, I would love to follow it! I hope you do 😀 Thank you for your lovely words, I feel so glad as I read them.

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