Hello all!
I mentioned in a previous post that I’m visiting Tokyo in January- very excited!! I thought I’d reminisce with you about previous trips to Japan, so today I’ll tell you about my first time in Osaka last summer.
I love eating, and Japanese food is one of my favourites! The first thing we did on getting to Osaka was to eat omu-rice.
The next day we went shopping. We visited the Big Step shopping mall, which has a KERA shop (Maria?), Anna Sui, and Rag Tag. Opposite Big Step you’ll find Pure Sound/Maiden Clothing, which sells second-hand VK cds and goods and Lolita clothing. I liked that shop a lot! There were a lot of interesting bits and pieces to rifle through. I picked up an old LAREINE vhs and an equally old Metamorphose headdress. That reminds me, I need to wear that headdress again! 
~You can click the images to make them bigger!~
I wonder what the Pure Sound in Shinjuku is like? 
On the final day in Osaka we visited the famous castle!
The garden was so pretty.
I hope to visit Osaka again someday, and get to know it better. Do you know much about Osaka? If you do, please recommend me something!

5 thoughts on “Osaka

  1. Osaka is so far my favority city in Japan and that shopping area is a lot of fun. I also love the food there. ^_^;I'm going back in december/january too but i bet i'll miss your stay. I'm coming home on the 7th Jan.

  2. I went to Japan 2/3 years ago, but I spent only an afternoon in Osaka. I visited the famous castle :DI think I missed a lot of good shopping chances there 😦 I love food and japanese food in particular too!!! I really miss eating it on a daily basis XD

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