Anniversary photoshoot preview

Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you’re having a nice weekend.
Elegant Poupée is coming up to it’s first anniversary in January! I can’t believe it, somehow it’s passed so quickly. So quickly, in fact, that this blog has had virtually the same layout all it’s short life. I decided that the time was ripe for a change, so I set up a little photoshoot at my house to make a new blog banner.
Here is what I wore:
Onepiece- Juliette et Justine
Blue corsage- Handmade
Everything else- Offbrand
A bonus silly picture:
Expect the new look Elegant Poupée in January!
PS Thank you for my valentine this week, if you are reading this!

11 thoughts on “Anniversary photoshoot preview

  1. Thanks, redtonic! I bought this necklace thinking it would be good to wear over plain poloneck sweaters, since it has a lot of impact. It certainly is useful for adding a bit of excitement to simple necklines.

  2. Namalie~Aww, thank you very much!Violette B.~I have to give my mother credit for most of the decor, but that's a very interesing idea, so I'll definitely work on a post!Yuki-chan~Thanks, dear!Nadia ♥~You'll have the most beautiful banner in the world!Mademoiselle Ana~Yes, the year has passed very quickly. Thank you!Kaino~Haha, I'm glad you like it!Piperita Patty~I don't think the last picture is elegant though!Carolina~XD

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