Casual classical lolita winter coordinate

Headbow, socks- Innocent World
Blouse- Vintage
Jumperskirt- Jane Marple
Boots- Offbrand

Ah, I love this jumperskirt! The scalloped waistline is so pretty. I posted it before when I only had my webcam to take pictures, but now you can see it properly. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger! Since the dress has quite a mature appearance, I added a bit of cuteness by coordinating with Innocent World’s Night Bear head ribbon and Antique Book socks.
My next Japanese lesson is the last of the winter term. We’re going to bring in snacks, so I’m going to bring homemade onigiri! I’m going to make practice ones this weekend. I hope you’ll have fun this weekend too!

11 thoughts on “Casual classical lolita winter coordinate

  1. Thanks, Kaino! I'm definitely a blouse girl, and I do love this one <33 Not only is the lace collar very pretty, but it is the most flattering, warm shade of cream. Also, you can put it in the washing machine, and you don't have to iron it! Very useul as I always forget about ironing something until the morning I'm supposed to wear it….

  2. Tyler, we must have been writing a comment at the same time! I love collar details and I think simple outfits allow for these exquisite accents to be fully appreciated.

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