Ebisu and Ginza

Hello readers! Here is the next intallment of my trip to Japan in January.
For most of my holiday I stayed in Shinjuku, but I also had a short stay at the Westin Tokyo in Ebisu to meet up with some friends. From outside it doesn’t look like much, but inside it’s quite gorgeous! The steps leading to the tea lounge are flanked by two Pegasus horses!
Looks like one of the Pegasuses is decorating my new hat!
The hotel is in Yebisu Garden Place (Ebisu is the modern way to write Yebisu), which offers plenty of shopping. Should you feel peckish, there are also many restaurants including this French one:
Doesn’t it look like a château? We had lunch there; it was one of those meals with endless small courses. They were all nice, but I have to say that the basil-flavoured bread was the highlight! What I really enjoyed as far as food was the Japanese meal we had at the hotel:
My meal, tenpura set.

My friend’s meal, sushi set.

The day after checking into the Westin we went shopping in Ginza, which is famous for it’s big department stores and many designer shops. I caught a glimpse of some glamorous hostesses shopping with their patron in Max Mara. They had the most amazing hair, and lots of it!
Bargain hunters were out and Ginza was bustling! We needed some refreshment, so we went to Ladurée in Mitsukoshi department store. The decor is actually very similar to the Paris one! I think I prefer the Paris one overall, but Mitsukoshi’s is by far preferable to Harrods’ (see my previous post here).
Well, that covered the posh side of Tokyo. I hope to experience more of that in the future! 
I’m rather curious about Ladurée around the world now…. have any readers been to any other locations?
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.

11 thoughts on “Ebisu and Ginza

  1. Kieli_Heart~Thank you, I'm glad you like the pictures! That area is a bit expensive, so the prices are rather high. It's less if you have lunch and choose the set menu, which is what we did XD kaho~Laduree is a treat for your eyes and well as your tastebuds! I really like the Laduree goods like towels and so on. Actually I haven't seen those sold outside of Japan, have you?

  2. You are so pretty. I watch your d-l posts and you always look so elegant. It's good to hear that you had a good time. I followed your blog because it's cute.www.hello-teacup.blogspot.com

  3. Yes, I think there is! It's funny, I never imagine that it's possible to find these things in foreign countries. I was suprised to learn that there was a Mitsukoshi in London! I didn't know for years.

  4. Ah, food is one of the best things about Japan! It's so good I actually want to learn how to cook it, and I hate cooking XDYeah, when I was editing pictures for this post I really wanted to show the Pegasuses, but I had a choice between one where I look nauseous or this one where he's riding my hat…. I think this was the better choice!

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