Disney Sea

Hello dear readers!
Another Japan post- today it’s Disney Sea.
I love Disney films so much, and Disney Land is so much fun. My favourite ride is It’s a Small World, though it makes me cry….
This year for the first time in my life I visited Disney Sea!
The best thing about Disney Sea is the buildings. They are marvellous, you can believe you are really on a New York street, or in a square in Agrabah, or by a canal in Venice. Well, except that it’s more fairytale-looking.
It was so freezing, I’m sorry for my less than stunning appearance. I got a leopard print Minnie Mouse hat, which saved my poor ears. I think I’ll only wear it at Disney Land or Sea though!
Sadly we missed the gondola rides! We were too early and then too late 😦
I saw Genie and Jafar here! There were much more chances to meet the characters here than at Disney Land. Later I saw Pluto and wanted to hug him but I was too shy.
Mostly we went to the shows and on some gentle rides. I did muster up the courage for the Tower of Terror and enjoyed it quite a lot. However I did also feel quite a bit as though I might die, so I may not repeat the experience.
Hope you enjoyed the photos! I can’t wait for my next visit to Disney Sea- I want to catch the My Friend Duffy show next time for sure!

12 thoughts on “Disney Sea

  1. I was a bit scared to go to Disneyland when I was small, but I love it now. I got my shoes from New Look! I get a lot of shoes there, they have a huge selection. You have to be careful to pick the better quality ones, but I often manage to pick up really good bargains in the sale.

  2. Aww you look adorable! ^^v DisneySea is so much fun!But I agree..can be VERY freezing indeed. ^^;;;Haven`t been there for a while, think last time was Octoberbut it was alreasy so cold I remember schniffling the whole nite. ^^; We live so close to Tokyo Disney Resort tho that we go pretty much all the time. ^^v Just 15mins away. Glad you had a good time despite the cold! ^^d MMxoxo

  3. Awwww it's a small world also makes me cry … it feels me with some mix of nostalgia (like, when everything was pure and innocent) and "travel bug" (wanting to explore many other countries). Wish I could go to Tokyo Disney Resort *_*I got the red polka-dot ears and wandered around Paris with those ears— still don't know when I'm gonna take them out of my closet the next time XD''You look super cute! I love your coat! *_*

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