Hyper Japan Fashion Show 26/02/12

Hello readers!
Yesterday I had a wonderful time at Hyper Japan 2012 Spring. I ate a lot, including delicious curry croquettes, and learnt more about Japanese cinema. And I got a smile from the very cute Beckii Cruel 🙂 I even met a couple of people who read this blog or recognised me from Daily Lolita! I was very suprised and happy. Thank you so much for talking to me, you are all truly lovely and it was a pleasure to meet you ❤
I walked in the Japanese Street Fashion show, which showcased Lolita, Otome, Mori Girl and Cult Party kei
Scarlett and Tania opened the show. Scarlett was wearing kodona, and Tania was wearing a new print from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
Emma, on the left, was wearing Innocent World’s Lotta print in classic-sweet style. Katie was hime-sweet in Baby. They are both so frilly!
Annie-May in classic. I really love this colour combination! Her bonnet is handmade.
It’s me, accompanied by my dear friend Mr Albert Bear. Predictably, I’m in classic. One day I’ll shock you by wearing head-to-toe AP!
With this coordinate I went for a “British school girl” theme, hence the red and blue argyll socks and sturdy boots. My jumperskirt is from Emily Temple Cute, socks are Metamorphose, blouse is handmade and everything else is offbrand. Mr Bear’s ribbon hand-tailored at Savile Row.
Jenni wore classic-gothic, a style which I’d like to try out for myself. Her BTSSB hair accessory is so elegant, as is the simple but rich-looking colour scheme.
Mel looked so gorgeous, as always! I think she’s one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I really loved her decadent, gothic outfit.
Like many lolitas, I really look up to Phoebe! She puts so much creativity into her outfits. Her coordinate today was wonderful, with a handmade bonnet adorned with tiny bird skulls.
Here’s our little mori girl pair, Mya and Shani. They look like two baby deers! I loved Mya’s straw heart-shaped bag and Shani’s hairstyle.
Antonia’s outfit started off as mori girl but ended up as Cult Party kei with the addition of colourful accessories. Her beautiful red hair helped things along too! I really like the way she pinned up the different layers of her outfit.
Aimi was also in Cult Party kei. Her handmade hair crucifix was very cool! 
Sam was next, in otome. She told me that she reads this blog- hello Sam! 
To close the show, Bunny was also wearing otome in lovely hues of dusky pink and honey brown. She managed to walk very gracefully despite wearing those famous Vivienne Westwood Hermes sandals, which give me the chills despite being a heel veteran.
For the finale we all lined the stage, then it was time for the interviews. This gave the audience a chance to learn more about our different styles.
You can see Jenni’s Grimoire tights better here! 
Explaining my socks….
It was interesting to hear about Cult Party kei. I’ve seen enough pictures to recognise it (seems to be based around white fluffy layers with flashes of colour and rather wonderfully morbid accessories) but I’m by no means an expert. It’s a very new fashion, which is exciting! It’s great to know that things are constantly changing and evolving in the world of Japanese street fashion; I would feel so sad to think that it would ever turn stale.
I thought Sam’s outfit was not only gorgeous but also a wonderful example of otome kei, with retro touches like her lace-up boots, the cuteness of the strawberries on her dress (I love this series from Emily Temple Cute!) and also the modern, relaxed style of her blazer. If you need a reference for the difference between lolita and otome, you can look at this picture!
Finally all the lolis in the audience were invited onto the stage for the prize-giving. Tania the organiser, Scarlett (Hyper Japan’s Kawaii Star) and Megu-san, Baby’s shop staff, picked their favourite outfits to award prizes to. The prizes were donated by Gothic Lolita Wigs, Roxie Sweetheart, Teja Tights, Keep-it-secret and Now, Voyager. Well done lucky lolis!
I hope you enjoyed all the pictures, and if you see your picture here of course feel free to take it, and do let me know if you would like anything taken down or changed.
See you next time! 

24 thoughts on “Hyper Japan Fashion Show 26/02/12

  1. You coordinate was gorgeous, my favorite from the show to be honest, just love those striped shirts and the socks match to perfection.I wore almost the same outfit as phoebe this tuesday which is creepy (haha) but makes me happy because she's got such good taste and I agree with your take on Mel, she is absolutely gorgeous! I thought the same when i met her in Paris.I hadn't seen or read anything about hyper japan and was curious so thank you for keeping us informed Sapphira. <3Love, Jo

  2. Everyone's looking just great, but the simplicity of your outfit really makes it stand out! I love the shape of your sleeves and that JSK is just super cute.

  3. Wow, everyone lookd amazing, and I love your outfit. The color combination is lovely, and I just love the blouse you are wearing with that dress. Your outfit and the outfit of Phoebe are my favourites.

  4. Hi Jo! Thanks very much for saying so, I'm really happy that you liked my outfit!You and Phoebe both have excellent taste, it's quite a coincidence that you almost wore the same outfit though XDI could only attend HJ for one day this time, but I expect more articles will come out about it. I wanted to write about it as soon as possible this time!

  5. Thank you very much! I hoped I didn't look too plain, so I'm glad to read your comment. I like the sleeves too, but because it makes such a difference for me to have sleeves that are the proper length for my lanky arms XD I feel like making another blouse now!

  6. I wish I could have got a picture of Phoebe's shoes, they were so nice! Hopefully she'll post to Daily Lolita soon. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I'm especially pleased that my blouse is popular 🙂

  7. All the outfits are so perfect! I think that Mel's outfit is my favorite, she looks soooo amazing!! I also like both outfits with the etc dresses (sam's and yours). Do you think it's ok if I use your picture with the etc dress on my tumblr about emily temple cute (emilytemplecute.tumblr.com)? I will contact the other girl and ask her if she is ok with using her picture too, I know who she is :PThank you ***

  8. It is so lovely so see all the different styles and learn a little more about them!I was at the event on Friday and was really sad not to get to see the shows, so hopefully next year I can plan to come to the whole thing :)I've been looking at the photos are Facebook and thinking how gorgeous your jumperskirt is so it's wonderful to find your blog. Your coord is beautiful!Florrie x

  9. I do hope you'll be able to see everything next time! I have a sort of feeling that there might be another Hyper Japan later this year, but we'll have to wait and see. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Florrie!

  10. Yeees I want those tights! Someone else had the white ones with cherubs- I want those too! Thank you, I wanted to make my socks my point of coordination so I'm happy to read your comment 🙂

  11. Those Vivienne Westwood Melissa Wings are very easy to walk in, I have two pairs :DPhoebe ❤ You ❤ Tania ❤ Style idols! 😀 The other girls are adorable too, I've never seen them online…

  12. You look so stunning! I can't believe that I missed the fashion show (on both days haha) you all looked so amazing♥ Recently I've been quite interested in mori fashion but I still can't quite fit where the difference between mori and cult party comes in >< I didn't expect HJ to be so early this year, do you think they are planning to do another one later on in the year? I really do hope so since I enjoy it far more than the mcm expo~

  13. Aww thank you! That's a shame that you missed the shows but I hope the photos made up for it a bit. I suspect that there's a possibility of another Hyper Japan this year, especially since this one was named Hyper Japan Spring 2012. However that probably depends on how much of a success this one was and how much support and interest there is, so you should let them know that you want another! Hm well as I see it mori girl is a really natural style, with emphasis on unprocessed fabrics, minimal make-up, soft frizzy hairstyles and so on. Cult party kei is more related to fairy kei, more pastels and brights, synthetic fabrics like tulle, unnatural hair colour and heavy make-up. The similarity is is the pale colour scheme and layers.Do you know this tumblr for cult party kei?http://ohyeahcultparty.tumblr.com/And here's one for mori girl:http://ohyeahmorigirl.tumblr.com/Sorry if I'm telling you things you already know! Thanks very much for your comment.

  14. Omg, a lot of awesome outfits all together!!! Obviously yours is one of my favourites, I love how you coordinated your new items 😀 And the school theme is really nice.I definitely have to learn more about cult party I feel really ignorant!!! 😦

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