Romantic Spring Coordinate

Hello readers! How are you?
Today I entered the Yuka Obara x Kawaii.i fashion contest on Facebook. You can see my entry here.
I actually prepared three different outfits for this contest (I had the day off work). I tried some styles that are a bit different to my usual classical lolita fashion. As well as that I pencilled my eyebrows very carefully this time, in a thick, natural straight style. What do you think of them? Please check the second photo and let me know!
After I submitted my entry, I immediately felt I had chosen the wrong outfit! Isn’t that always the way?
I think I should have used this coord….
~Dress is vintage, everthing else offbrand~

Never mind, I wouldn’t have won anyway! The main point was to have fun dressing up, which I did. So, no harm done. 
Have you entered this contest? It finishes on the 25th, so you’d better hurry! Good luck.
See you next time,

10 thoughts on “Romantic Spring Coordinate

  1. I think you look better in the outfit you submitted. Maybe it's because I'm used to see you in lolita shaped dresses ^^' But I love both coordinates and this one is closer to my personal taste. I think we have the same wreath, is it from Primark?

  2. Thank you, I'm glad to hear that! The reason I thought I should have used this one is I think this also suits Miss Obara's personal taste more. Yes, we do have the same wreath 🙂 In fact the lace poncho and the ankle socks are also from Primark! I shop there quite a lot.

  3. Waaaaaahhhh why are your ankles so pretty! AHEM I mean I really love this outfit, and funnily it may be one of my favourites even though it's not lolita! That top is so beautiful and the colours are perfect for you.

  4. Really? I never thought that pink was my colour! Perhaps I worried that a tall person wearing pink is a bit alarming XD Thank you for complimenting my ankles, how very Victorian of you!

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