Springtime Antique Bouquet

Hello readers! How are you?
I have another coordinate to show you today! It’s the second one that I made for the contest.
Hat: corgi-corgi
Onepiece: Metamorphose temps de fille
Wrist cuffs: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Offbrand
I got this onepiece when I decided that classical kei lolita was the style for me! I wasn’t experienced in buying online at that time, so when it arrived I was a bit suprised at how short it was. However, this makes for a cute warm weather outfit!
Metamorphose’s Antique Bouquet is one of my favourite prints! As I build my collection, I want an item from this series in each colourway. So far I have dusky pink and I have black. The eau de nil is so nice!
I hope you liked my outfit! The next post I do will be a review, something a bit different 🙂
See you next time,

27 thoughts on “Springtime Antique Bouquet

  1. Your soooooo pretty ! I love this dress so much… !I think I will print the first photo to put it on the wall of my room. I put there my inspirations, you'll be between Vogue and Alice and The Pirates… if you're OK ♥ ?

  2. This is perfection! All shades of pink and rose flatter you greatly. Still loving your ankles btw. and how did you do that fringe (nnnnngh if I could for once make mine agree with me…)?

  3. Wow! you look amazing, I never know meta can look this nice! I have to be honestly with you I wasn't a meta fan but after seeing your picture I love them now!Good luck with your contest!

  4. I just squashed it with the hat! Haha, mine sometimes has disagreeable days which is why I keep it short. It seems to be behaving lately so I'm growing it a little. Thanks for your nice comment!

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