Photoshoot: A country girl by the sea

Hello readers! How are you today? I’m happy it’s the weekend!
I mentioned in my last post that I had a photoshoot with Lauren Pinhorn coming up. It went very well, and I now have the fruits of our combined labour to share with you….
The photoshoot location was Brighton, and we took in many of the sights, including the pier, the boardwalk and the Royal Pavillion.
The day was so bright and warm, and the sea was beautiful and blue. The conditions were almost perfect, only a little too bright perhaps, I could hardly keep my eyes open!
The character I thought of for this shoot was a girl from the countryside going to see the sea for the first time. She was so excited to see it, as soon as she arrived she rushed from the station to the pier, taking her case with her.
Lauren was great to work with, and we managed to take hundreds of pictures. While planning the shoot we talked about what sort of look we wanted for the photos. Brighton was a great location for the Victorian theme we chose!
If you look at Lauren’s previous work, the thing that stood out for me was the natural quality of her photos. I felt inspired by this and therefore I didn’t want to look too posed (although you know I am a poser!) which is why I tried to inhabit the role of a character.
I really like the way she edited the pictures, giving them a graininess that evokes the period of early photography. The colours and saturation also bring back the memories of that day and the feeling of the warmth of the sun.  
I hope you enjoyed the photos, and didn’t feel too sick with my wordy nonsense! 
Please do take time to look at Lauren’s website and blog:
Thank you, and see you next time!

20 thoughts on “Photoshoot: A country girl by the sea

  1. I only discovered your blog recently and I must say, I really love it. These pictures of you are so elegant, your outfit matches the location perfectly and the Victorian aesthetic of the photos is really convincing. You're a true inspiration!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, and for reading my blog. I'm very pleased to meet you! I had a look at your blog- it's great! I was excited to see pictures of Momoko Ogihara, because I'm also a big fan of her style ❤

  3. Thank you Angii! I must confess I'm wearing a wig and lots of make-up for this shoot! But I'm happy you think it suits me 🙂 I think the wig is orignally from Dollyeye, but I bought it from a fellow Lolita.

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