Classical Lolita Coordinate ~what does a blue rose mean?

Hello readers!
How are you? It’s the Easter long weekend at last. I’ve been so busy at work I’ve really been looking forward to this little holiday! This weekend I will spend time on my Japanese studies, and also on making some tutorials to post here.
Today I’d like to show you the outfit I wore to visit Chichester with my father. The colour scheme was blue and white, with my Marie Antoinette skirt as the focal point. With the dandy style of the blouse and the smart double breasted waistcoat I intended to give my classic lolita outfit a bit of an aristocratic flair.
Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Corsage: Handmade
Everything else: Offbrand
My father loves books, so we spent a lot of time in bookshops that day. I got a little book on the language of flowers, which I’ve been meaning to learn more about for the longest time. I discovered that roses especially have very pretty meanings, for example the Austrian rose means “Thou art all that is lovely”, and the China rose means “Beauty always new”.
But what about a blue rose, like mine? Blue roses aren’t natural unfortunately, but owe their hue to being placed in coloured water. I was rather sad to discover this! Still, they are my favourite.
I hope you liked my outfit! See you next time,

18 thoughts on “Classical Lolita Coordinate ~what does a blue rose mean?

  1. Your outfits are always so lovely! And you look so wonderfully sophisticated all the time.♥I remember a scene from Paradise Kiss were George associates blue roses with wonder and impossibility due to their artificial nature. It's not the official meaning, of course, and I'm not sure if I recall it correctly, but I liked the meaning.

  2. Hi! I always read your blog and I love it!Once a friend of mine told me that blue roses mean the impossible. True or not, I thought that was a very nice meaning!By the way, I love your coordinates!

  3. I am glad you have enjoyed the book, I was most impressed by your style when I met you that day.I find your choice of co-ordinates most attractive and feminine, you clearly have a gift and the confidence to carry it out.Are you aware of in Arundel – ther is also a bookshop there.

  4. You look adorable! This print is in my wishlist, so hard to find! Lucky girl ;DSeems you had a fun day with your dad ^^ I love spending time with my family. Also, very interesting book you bought

  5. You look very elegant and regal in this outfit, like an aristocratic maiden! I love how the blue accessories make the blue in the print stand out. The book about the language of flowers sounds very interesting as well, I'd love to know more about this topic as well 🙂

  6. I didn't realise it was hard to find until after I bought it! Which colour are you looking for? I like the red one, but blue is of course my favourite! I love to look at this print ❤

  7. Thank you very much! I often find skirts more difficult to coordinate, but I think I might have got it right in this case! It took a few years though ^^;;

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