Casual Spring Coordinate

Hello readers! How are you? I hope that everyone is well and happy!
Today I’m going to show you the outfit I used to enter the Yuka Obara x Kawaii.i coordinate contest. I mentioned it before but I didn’t post the outfit.
Yuka Obara, known as Yunkoro, is a super-popular gal blogger. Well, obviously I’m a lolita, but I do admire some aspects of gal style. Yunkoro is stylish and clever, with great make-up skills and morishame technique (taking self-shots with a phone camera). You can find her blog link at the end of this post!
The theme for the contest was “Spring Coordinate” I wanted to incorporate some pastel colours since that’s the spring trend this year. I like it a lot, and I’m thinking of which new pastel items I want to add to my wardrobe.
I also used chiffon fabrics to give a light, airy look to my outfit. Both the headbow and blouse are chiffon. Ankle socks are popular again this season, and I really like them! At the moment I only have cream and white ones; I think transparent ones would be very cute.
Chiffon scarf (used as headbow)- Vintage
Skirt- Fairy wish
Everything else- Offbrand 
Please check the Kawaii.i page for news on Japanese fashion:
And please take a look at Yunkoro’s blog
Thank you for looking!

22 thoughts on “Casual Spring Coordinate

  1. I love the look of this outfit. The chiffon really works for it, it's so spring-like and the colours are beautiful. I still want ankles like yours. ;^;

  2. Hello~For some reason I cannot reply to comments on my blog, so excuse me for commenting here ^^"I wanted to thank you for following me! The live was great, quite different from their usual performances. Also, you look really dainty in this coordinate. I like its spring-like feel!

  3. Thank you! I got it in Hong Kong, but from a shop selling Japanese imports. You can't see from the photo, but it's actually a sweater with a chiffon overlay, interesting design 🙂

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