Country Classical Lolita

Hello dear readers! How are you?
This weekend I was spending time with my three close friends. Happily I will see one of them in Japan in a month or so, but it will probably be a long time before the four of us are all together again. Oh, it’s rather sad! It was a wonderful weekend though 🙂
Today I’ll show you my most recent coordinate. I wanted to wear my handmade bonnet again, and I combined blue and brown together for a slightly non-traditional look. 
Bonnet: Handmade
Blouse, gloves: Vintage
Jumperskirt: Innocent World
Basket: Disney Sea
Everything else: Offbrand
I thought that today’s coordinate matched the background particularly well. The basket, bonnet and lace gloves give a bit of a ‘country loli’ feeling.
I feel the need for a fluffier panier these days! I will put mine in the washing machine today I think, that should help a bit. 
I hope you liked my outfit! Thanks for looking.
See you next time,

12 thoughts on “Country Classical Lolita

  1. I love this outfit, you look so adorable in it! It's amazing how you managed to put so many different shades of blue into one outfit and it still looks cohesive. The straw bonnet and the basket are especially lovely, they give the whole coordinate a nice country feeling.

  2. Thank you! Well, I just shoved together many blue items, to be honest it was more by mistake than design. I originally planned to wear brown shoes with this coordinate, but when I actually tried it on blue shoes looked more balanced. It's funny how things work out that way!

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