Lolita Exhibition in London: Kitty and the Bulldog

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Have you heard of the current lolita exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London?
Both my friend and I couldn’t attend the big meet up to see it last weekend, so instead we went to see it yesterday. It was great fun to catch up with her, and you know, the exhibition was really quite good! 
It was quite small, but free of charge, and I think the curator made a very good choice of outfits to represent different styles. The focus of the exhibition was illustrating the influence British fashion has had on Lolita fashion (hence the name). Here are the pictures I took:
~Innocent World~
~Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (r) and Alice and the Pirates (l)~


~alice auua~


~Sixh. and MINT Neko~
(looks so much like AKIRA!)

~Takuya Angel~

~Mamechiyo Modern~

As you can see, it was not only lolita that was represented, but rather the whole contents of Shinjuku Marui One! My absolute favourite was the final kimono, so cute and lovely, and the fabrics were beautiful. 
Close up of the obi. I love the ribbon peeking over the top!
I’m happy that our beloved fashion is displayed here in London, and being treated seriously instead of dismissed as ‘crazy Japanese stuff’. Maybe some new lolitas will be born after seeing this exhibition! 

Here’s the link to the V&A’s page about the exhibition:
Have you seen this exhibition? What did you think of it? Or if you haven’t, what is your impression of it from this post? I’ll be very interested in your opinions!
See you next time,

11 thoughts on “Lolita Exhibition in London: Kitty and the Bulldog

  1. This exhibition sounds interesting, I would love to visit it if only I were in London right now! All of the clothes on display are really beautiful and I bet, for a British person it's even more interesting to see how British fashion has influenced the style. In my opinion, there should be more exhibitions and showcases of the lolita fashion that take the fashion seriously, there are still too many documentations which describe it as some 'crazy Japanese stuff'.

  2. It seems really nice, I'm looking forward to seeing it when I visit London next month! It's great to see lolita being treated as a legitimate fashion and not just "a silly costume".

  3. Yes, it's really cute! I wanted to take a picture of the back, the obi is decorated with two bunnies ❤ Sadly it was impossible to get a good shot. I'll have to check out this brand in Japan. I'm sure it's expensive, but it will be fun to look!

  4. I hope you'll enjoy London! What other plans do you have for there? Yes, I think that was the best thing about it, I'm really glad to see lolita being recognised in this way.

  5. It runs until 27th of January, so if you happen to visit London before then you could see it!Yes, and I think that approach was a good way of making it more understandable for British people, relating it to our street culture. It's funny though, it seems like British street fashion has died out…. it used to be so exciting, I wonder what happened?

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