Vintage and Ladylike Coordinate

Hello dear readers! How are you today?
Here’s an outfit I wore recently, not lolita but still classical, using mostly vintage items:
Hat, jumperskirt, cutsew: Vintage
Everything else: Offbrand
While the lace cutsew and broad brimmed hat were both bought in local charity shops, the floral jumperskirt came all the way from Singapore! I found it in the big Salvation Army shop in Bukit Timah. The fabric is very lightweight and cool, so it suits humid weather very nicely. It’s a simple dress, but the cut is just right- I love the pleats!
I also tried my ‘typically 90s’ hat with this coordinate:
I think it has such a different vibe now! It’s funny how just changing one accessory can transform the feeling of an outfit. 
Thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend.
See you next time,

12 thoughts on “Vintage and Ladylike Coordinate

  1. I really like your outfit, it's a nice change from lolita yet it definitely reflects your personal style. With the 90's hat, the outfit has a more fun and playful vibe, whereas the white wide-brimmed hat adds a lot of elegance to it… I can't decide which one suits you better, because both of the outfits look amazing on you!

  2. You're right – the hat changes everything but I love it ^^ The second one especially. I think it's really challenging bringing the 90s into a lolita outfit but you manage to pull it off perfectly.

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