Out on the wiley, windy moors

Hello dear readers! How are you?
I had a very nice Jubilee weekend, despite having to work on Tuesday.
Sunday was my leaving party, I did karaoke with my friends! I had such a fantastic time, I’m so happy to have made some good memories before I leave. Lucky we have a karaoke box here in Sussex too!
Here’s what I wore:
Onepiece: Innocent World
Socks: Mikazuki Momoko
Bag: Metamorphose
I tried to give a playful look to this onepiece by coordinating with short socks and a high ponytail. Carrying a big bag makes one look slim and dainty in comparison! The only problem is I get tempted to fill it up with useless things and it gets heavy….  
My sweet friends gave me really pretty bon voyage cards, a cute British souvenir to remind me of home and even some yen to put towards something for my new apartment.
As you might have guessed from the title of this post I performed Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights, which was one of favourites of the evening along with Prince’s Raspberry Beret. On top of those we also did Karma Chameleon, Time After Time, Summer Nights, I Got You Babe, Total Eclipse of the Heart, All Around My Hat and many, many more. Two hours in the karaoke box passed quickly!

I say ‘performed’ rather than ‘sang’ partly because I really put my all into karaoke (dance moves and all), and partly because my voice is so bad I don’t know if it counts as singing….
And here’s the souvenir:
It’s perfect for two reasons, firstly I used to go to Shepherd’s Bush a lot while I was at uni to get fabric, and secondly I love shepherd’s pie! I know British food is not highly rated, but I love it.
So readers, do you like doing karaoke? What do you like to sing?

18 thoughts on “Out on the wiley, windy moors

  1. You look so lovely, the outfit is very playful and cute! I really like how you coordinated it differently from the usual classic lolita style with the ankle socks. It's really nice that your friends held a farewell party for you, it makes the goodbye a bit more easy 🙂

  2. I really like your outfit!!! And the cards you recieved are super cute!I like to sing, but I'm really bad at it. I went to karaoke only once in Japan and I didn't even had the courage to sing ^^'''

  3. I love pairing lolita with cute ponytails, so meany people say it's a no, no. But you know, when done right it looks so cute.Also my favorite song to sing at karaoke is "Fly Me To The Moon".

  4. Karaoke is so much fun! Glad you had a good time. Is your souvenir a real shepherds pie in a tin? *_* Also, here I was thinking shepherds pie was an aussie thing 😛

  5. Thank you very much! Yes, although the onepiece is very classic it can also be versatile, since it's quite plain. I will definitely miss all my friends and family and friends very much! But it won't be too long before we can meet again, and the internet makes it so easy to keep in touch.

  6. Thank you, I find it a bit of an odd sort of length for socks but I like them nonetheless. I used to live in black overknee socks a few years ago, now I'm re-discovering my love of socks!

  7. Oops, I didn't know that ponytails are a no-no! Anyway, it doesn't matter, we love them. I think high ponytails look very retro!Ah, I like your choice of song, a real classic 🙂

  8. you look georgous! the bon voyage cards look also very cute :3Thank you for following my blog – I'm following you back now and just browsed through your entries.You are definitely a beautiful classic lolita! I love your style :)I also like to sing karaoke. I can't wait to go to a karaoke bar again when I'm in Tokyo!

  9. Aw, that's so awesome! I'm glad you all had such a great time! And very cute coord! I agree, I would be tempted to fill the purse with tons of stuff that I don't need xDI've been to karaoke once and because it was such a large group, I didn't really get to enjoy myself. But your post makes me want to try again! So hopefully I will :)~ Kieli ~

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