Almost there….

Hello dear readers! How are you?
Today’s post is quite a momentous one, the last I’ll be writing in England for quite a long time. In a few days time, I’ll be in my new place in Tokyo!
Although I can’t help feeling a little sadness over the people and places I’ll miss, for the most part I feel very happy and very excited, right on the edge of something wonderful! Although I’ll miss this dear old England, it’s only au revoir, not really goodbye. I hope that after a while, I’ll find that I have three places to call home- England, Singapore and Japan.
As well as that there are letters, postcards, skype, email, and of course this blog to help me keep in touch with all the people who are important to me. I hope that all of Elegant Poupée’s readers will keep on reading and follow me on my adventures in a new country. 
I have to say that I’m a very lucky girl indeed, for realising my dream of living in Japan is not the only thrilling thing that is happening to me at the moment. I was recently contacted by a very famous, very well-established fashion magazine, and though I can’t say very much about it yet, I will tell you all about it as soon as I can!
Thanks for all your lovely good luck messages, and look out for the next post coming to you from Tokyo!
With love from Sapphira

23 thoughts on “Almost there….

  1. Have a safe trip! I wish you all the best for your plans and life in Japan, I'm sure you will enjoy your time there a lot. It's always difficult to leave your friends at home behind for some time, but there are plenty of means to stay in contact with them, so don't worry. Also, I'm sure you will meet lots of new people 🙂

  2. Sorry, I deleted my previous comment because I guess I'm a little tired and it just made zero sense. Like, none what so ever. XDAnyways, have a fun trip to Tokyo and I'm looking forward to your blog updates from there!

  3. Thank you Emilie! I wish you lots of luck in your endeavours, I think you'll do really well 🙂 I'm hoping for the best for both of us! See you in Tokyo!!! xxxxx

  4. Hopefully you'll enjoy your "new life" abroad and I just wish you all the best! That's all I can say at the moment. :3Today I got my temporary A-level certificate (Germany) so everything will change for me as well when I'll start my Japanese Studies in October. And who knows, I'm sure many of your blog readers would love to meet up with you someday?! 😉

  5. I hope so, I'm always very happy to meet my lovely readers! Congratulations for getting your certificate, you must be very proud. I wish you all the best for the future!

  6. Aw, thank you so so much! It would certainly be a dream come true for me. The flight went very smoothly, the only hitch was having to repack my suitcases at the airport XD

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