I’m finally there!

Hello readers!
Today’s post is very short, as I just wanted to let you all know that I have safely arrived in Tokyo.
I’m exhuasted as you can imgaine, but very very happy. I’m in my apartment now, and I can see the new Sky Tree building in the distance! A little closer than that I can see the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and even further away I can catch a glimpse of Tokyo Tower. 
Although my apartment is miniscule, it’s bright and cheery and I’m looking forward to decorating it to my taste. I brought some of my leaving presents and cards and they already look very nice in their new setting, and looking at them I don’t feel so far from my friends and family in England.
I’ll update you again soon! I have lots of fun things lined up to post about. Meanwhile I’ll be unpacking and catching up on sleep.
One more thing- it’s so hot!!

10 thoughts on “I’m finally there!

  1. Good thing you decided to let us know. Your apartment sounds like a dream, what a neat location! Not even the hotel i usually stay in is so central. Well keep us posted when you feel better. Kisses

  2. I did want to live in Shinjuku, but it's super expensive! Here it's little cheaper but still a nice area and it's easy to get to Shinjuku and so on. I'm feeling much better thanks! xxx

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