Live at Sumire no Tenmado

Hello dear readers!
How are you? My cough took a turn for the worse last week, but now I’m feeling much improved. 
In fact, I feel wonderful, because last night I saw Kokusyoku Sumire perform at their cafe in Shinjuku!
Not only that, but I had cute curry and a cocktail called 赤いバイオリン(Red Violin).
And I bought their new album, and got it signed!
It contained cassis, ginger ale and something else yummy that I forgot!

My curry has a face! Look at the cute coasters too~

That evening was like a dream. Yuka and Sachi are so pretty, and wonderfully talented, and kind and friendly too! Sumire no Tenmado is tiny so the performance was very personal. I was quite amazed by Yuka’s voice, it’s so clear and powerful! Sachi’s violin was beautiful, and she looked adorable playing the recorder. Who would have guessed a recorder could sound so lovely? My mother still hasn’t recovered from the trauma of the days of my recorder practice.
Sorry Xin Yu, I stole your photo! Thank you so much for inviting me~
I’ll never forget this experience! I hope I’ll meet them again sometime.
Dear readers, do you like Kokusyoku Sumire? Have you seen them perform? I’d like to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “Live at Sumire no Tenmado

  1. oh my god i'm so jealous! I have seen them live once and even talked to them while they signed my poster and it was the only time i cried of being nervous. Sachi is my all time (and only) real lolita idol. I really adore her, for a long long time from the fruits magazine shots.

  2. That's so sweet! Ah, I thought I would cry too when the music began… luckily I controlled myself! I also had to control my coughing all evening ^^;;Sachi has something really special about her, but I love Yuka's cheerful personality and cute looks too!When I think of a perfect lolita, I think of the FRUiTS snap of Sachi wearing the red gobelins meta skirt ❤ I looooove that picture!

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