Look what I bought!

Hello all! How are you?
Today’s post is very materialistic. I always enjoy seeing people’s “haul posts” on their blogs, but I don’t really do them myself. However, the other day it rained and I decided to take pictures of some of the things I’ve bought since I started living in Tokyo. There are lots of cute things here as you can imagine! Nonethless I think I’ve been quite restrained. See what you think*
Angelic Pretty pass case, pink hair ornament for wearing with yukata, rose and pearl bracelet and mini rose ring from Closet Child, rosary from Clare’s.

The pass case is my first item from Angelic Pretty! I really love this biscuit series, and the colours actually give it quite a classical taste. It’s nice to have cute items you can use everyday!
Socks from 3 Coins and Tabio (navy with flowers)

Ankle socks are a summer saviour, and there are so many cute ones around! I especially love ones with a ruffle like the ones in the middle, and the transparent ones give a bit more of an elegant look. 

Germaine onepiece and Versailles Rose jumperskirt by Innocent World, button-front onepiece by Pink House

I already wrote about getting the Germaine onepiece, I still love it! The chiffon is so light and fluffy and the neckline is so pretty. I really fancied a floral jumperskirt for summer and I found this IW one in Closet Child. It’s the long version, which is good for me and I really like the gorgeous floral print and fleur de lys lace. I think it’s very versatile too.
Close up of the bodice
 The Pink House onepiece I found in a second hand shop in Koenji, near my apartment. There were a lot of Pink House and Wonderful World items there, I got quite excited! Readers, do you know this brand? I think many of you will, it’s a natural kei brand that was founded in the 1970s, and without it we would not have lolita fashion! 
Pictures on egl community:
 I’m very happy to own something from Pink House now. I really like the elbow length sleeves and full skirt, it makes this onepiece so ladylike. The print looks very Kaneko Isao in style, but I don’t know enough about Pink House to estimate when it was made. I think I will do more research into this brand. 
I would like to look at more (old) items from Pink House, does anyone know of physical stores in Tokyo specialising in selling Pink House second-hand? 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
*Actually I bought a bit more stuff of course, but it was hard to photograph everything nicely!

18 thoughts on “Look what I bought!

  1. Oooh I love the Pink House onepiece! What is the pattern on it? It looks like old fashioned flower seed packets. I had never heard of that brand before but now I think I will have to look them up!

  2. I LOVE those ankle socks, unfortunately there are only few shops in Germany selling them >_< I only found some at the H&M children's section and at primark, but the colours and materials are very limited…

  3. Hii Love the ankle socks transparent, are my favorites.by the way thanks for answering the last comment to let you n.nwill be wonderful to meet you. I could open the facebook group, Thank you very much! I am very excited to meet international lolitas. I will join the group when it come to Tokyo.I hope you continue having fun! I will follow you reading ;D bye!

  4. I love the two iw dresses you got. Pink House or regular vintage style isn't really my thing but i love classic lolita. I think those ankle socks are perfect for your style. <3Thanks for sharing, love haul posts

  5. Wow, you bought really beautiful things! The pass case is so useful and cute and your new dresses are very nice as well. Lately I'm also a lot into cute socks, so I really like the ones you bought- especially those with the flowers! The flower wreath socks go really well with your Germaine onepiece, in my opinion- I'm already excited to see you coordinate your newly acquired items 😀

  6. I revisited the same second-hand shop and found some more Pink House, it was very interesting. There was nothing I fell in love with though so I'm satisfied with just this dress for now. I'll keep checking back, maybe there'll be yet more!

  7. They were hard to find in England too! I got some in Primark, but just white and cream ones. How about using sock toppers with plain ankle socks? I do that sometimes! Do you have Topshop in Germany? They have a few fancier ones.

  8. I think I should do more haul posts in future! Ah, don't you like vintage? I find a lot of vintage things fit with classic taste though! Gunne Sax for instance. I suppose it depends how it's styled.By the way I bought more ankle socks the other day! Getting addicted XD

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