Kiyosumi Teien

Hello dear readers! It’s a rainy day here in Tokyo. I hope that means it’s going to be cooler for a few days!
I recently visited a Japanese garden recommended to me by my friend liemzie.
It was really beautiful!
There’s a big pond in the middle of the garden, and stepping stones in the shallow parts. The building you can see is a tea house! It was so nice to be surrounded by nature for once. I’m still getting used to living in a big city and I really miss trees and plants and little birds. There are a lot of singing cicadas and giant ravens near my house but it’s not quite the same!
Here’s my outfit for that day:

Onepiece, bag: Metamorphose
Parasol: Innocent World
Others: Offbrand

There’s a little shop selling food for the carp that live in the pond, so I bought some. It seemed that the pigeons and turtles were also very fond of this food and lots of them gathered to try to grab a bite! 
This one even crawled out of the water and chased us for food!
I had a lovely time at the gardens! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
See you next time,

16 thoughts on “Kiyosumi Teien

  1. I love all gardens but I have to admit Japanese ones rank among the very top. Funny that, I never thought much of that particular Meta dress but on you it looks wonderful! :O

  2. one of the things that I desire is to walk through the parks and temples, must be very beautiful and looked really cute, your hair looks great!I love to see your photos! 😀

  3. What a stunning place! I also love the outfit, i adore the meta bouquet series and always wanted the other op with the tiered back! It's the first time i've seen anyone wear that version too 😀

  4. Thank you very much, you're so kind! It was lovely indeed, I will also visit the Imperial Gardens in late October, hopefully the autumn colours will be out by then so I can take nice photos of them.

  5. Yes it is, and the contrast is so strong between city and park in Tokyo, I think it makes you appreciate both.Thank you! I made my ponytails into buns later because it was so hot!

  6. This OP was shorter than I thought it would be when it arrived in the post, but it turned out to be a great summer dress!I wish my photography skills were better so I could take nicer pictures to post here. There were so many nice views to photograph but it was hard to snap them!

  7. Japanese ones are the most peaceful I think, they don't have much in the way of flowers but the way they are set out is very carefully considered and haronious.Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you think so!

  8. I think walking in a garden really clears your mind! I'm going to try to keep up a regular dose of nature. There's a nice park near my house, there are turtles living there too!

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