Hello everyone!
Do you like Mont Blanc? It’s a type of chestnut-based dessert, I suppose it is French but it’s very popular in Japan. Recently I had the best Mont Blanc ever!
The marron on top was really pretty and tasty too! And the base was so light and crispy! Besides that it  tasted wonderfully fresh. 
I had it at HATTIFNATT, a cafe in Koenji. The interior is all wooden, and you reach the top floor by climbing a ladder! It made me think of Uncle Alp’s house, with a very natural, quaint and relaxing atmosphere. It seemed very popular with lolitas too, a few pairs and groups came in while I was there.
I was really fascinated by the adorable sugar cubes they had! Each was decorated with a botanical drawing. I don’t take sugar with my tea so I took the cubes they gave me home to decorate my shelves. I also got an edelweiss and dandelion one! Japanese for dandelion is タンポポ (tanpopo),  how cute! The English name is cute too I think.
Thanks to my friend for snapping this lovely picture of me looking like a toothless hag. Can you see the  hand-knitted doilies? So adorable!
For more information about HATTIFNATT please check their homepage:
Please click the buildings to take a tour of the cafes. The one on the left is the Koenji one and the one on the right is the Kichijoji one.
If you visit, I recommend the Mont Blanc!

9 thoughts on “HATTIFNATT café

  1. I am super jealous of you currently. I never made it to Koenji when I was in Tokyo. I've also never had a Monte Blanc and that looks super delicious! By the way, how long are you going to be in Japan? Will it be just for a year for study abroad or are you staying there a long time for school?

  2. Koenji is a great place, although I didn't know it until I started looking for apartments. At the moment I expect to stay one year, though I hope to return again in the future!

  3. I hadn't heard of Mont Blanc either until I came to Japan! I wonder if it's really a French thing or if Japanese restaurants are just pretending so it seems fancy XD

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