Giant katsudon!!

Hello dear readers!
Do you like Japanese food? I love it! How about katsudon? How about…. GIANT KATSUDON??
OK, it might not look so huge at first, but compare it to the other plates on the table. It’s pretty big!
This restaurant is in Takashimaya, and I really think it’s the best katsudon I’ve ever had. So delicious! 
Here’s my coordinate for the giant katusdon day:
Hat: corgi-corgi (KERA shop)
Necklace, JSK: Innocent World
Cutsew: axes femme
Cuffs: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Kutsushitaya by Tabio

It’s finally cooling now here in Tokyo! I’m looking forward to putting together some nice autumn coordinates soon.  Before that though, I’ve got a frilly and fluffy coordinate in mind for the Marie Antoinette meet up with the other Tokyo International Lolitas!
Sorry if I made you hungry!
See you next time,

20 thoughts on “Giant katsudon!!

  1. I will never eaten katsudon, but it looks delicious! it's a shame that the food its one of the most interesting things in Japan and i can't eat it, I have a very sensitive stomach and I can not eat that stuff …cold weather start soon, and I want to see your coords winter and autumn! n_n

  2. You look lovely ♥Everyone is planning their co-ord for the meetup and I'm just sitting here like "hmm probably the red dress…" D: Oh well, see you on saturday ♥

  3. It was enormous, and soooo delicious XD I have to blog more and move this post down the page, every time I see the photo I want to eat it again.Mixing different browns seems to work well doesn't it? It doesn't always look so great when I try the same with other colours I think.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that, what a shame! To be honest, it hasn't cooled down as quickly as I would have liked, but at least by October I hope to be able to wear autumn clothing comfortably 🙂

  5. Haha, well I don't usually wear anything very ornate, so for this occasion I need to put more planning and thought into my outfit. But it will probably end up looking simple as usual! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow 😀

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