Lolita Trip to Yokohama (part the first)

Hello readers! I’m going to split my photos from last weekend’s outing into two posts, so here is the first:
So, last weekend, the Tokyo International Lolitas travelled to Yokohama to see an exhibition about the life of Marie Antoinette. Here’s our group!
Many thanks to Sarah for the photo! I loved her tricorn hat and perfectly rococo hairstyle ❤

The exhibition was very nice indeed, with a varied selection of things related to the queen, including portraits of her family, prints and engravings recording events of the time, small items like jewelery boxes and watch chains, some rather puzzling ‘almanach des erotiques chantantes’ (something like that) and some gorgeous reproduction dresses, which we were allowed to take photos of. I’ll share them here!

I want to make this dress! The embroidery and textile work was so detailed and interesting.

An “English style” dress. Much more subdued and dignified compared to the other dresses on show. I can imagine wearing it quite comfortably. I’ll take it!

Chemise a la Reine. I based my outfit on this style (see below). Marie Antoinette requested ‘something simple’ to wear at her retreat, Petit Trianon, and her dressmaker came up with this. At first people were shocked at such unqueenly attire (it looks a bit like 18th century underwear or ‘chemise’, which is how it got it’s name) but the style really caught on and was worn throughout Europe. I absolutely love it! I’ll take one of these too~

Super duper fancy dress! I could not fit in my apartment if I wore it 😦
Now I’ll show you my outfit:
Inspired by the chemise a la reine, I went for a pink and white colour scheme. My make-up is pink too, and I pencilled on a couple of beauty spots. Rococo ladies used to stick on silk ones, called mouches. I think I read somewhere that they also stuck on eyebrows made of mouse skin, but don’t quote me on that one….
Full outfit:
Headdress, onepiece: Handmade
Others: Offbrand and vintage
Here’s a close-up of my headdress. I like the little spray of pearls! I can feel them waving about when I walk, haha.
I hope you enjoyed the photos! Look out for part two, coming soon~


19 thoughts on “Lolita Trip to Yokohama (part the first)

  1. I'm not surprised to see you meet up with Aviva, but it really hit me when I recognized Nora on this photo! ♥ How cool you two know each other. 🙂 I miss her here in Austria, but she really seems to have fun in Japan!

  2. Oww the OP you made is so gracefull and pure, and awesome, and …ouah. You're really talented !The mouche you made is called "L'enjouée", because it's on the cheek. Under the right eye it's "L'assassine", under the left one it's "La galante", but I can only remember those three ones sorry XDNevermind, your outfit is really beautiful, simple, and so classic , I love the colours ♥

  3. everybody looks fantastic! and it's so funny to see nora on the picture ❤ I'm happy when she comes back to vienna <3too bad I couldn't meet you when I was in Tokyo. I secretely hoped you would come to the meet up in swallow tail ^_^

  4. Thank you so much for telling me about the names of the mouches! It's really fascinating. In fact, I had "La galante" as well, but it's hidden in the photo. Thanks for your comment!

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