Autumn Schoolgirl Outfit

Hello dear readers!
A simple outfit post today.
It has really become autumn these days (even if the temperature is like summer in Brighton), so I decided it was time to break out the velvet!
The sober colours, twin plaits and argyll knee socks are like an English schoolgirl. I always like this theme! Even if I am 24….
Hat: corgi-corgi
Necklace: Innocent World
Blouse: Vintage
Jumperskirt: Emily Temple Cute

I feel like I should be carrying a lacrosse stick with this outfit!
I love this jsk so much! The cut is very good I think, even though it’s not close-fitting at all the bodice makes a nice line. 
Guess what, my mother is coming to visit me in Tokyo from this Sunday! I’m so excited, but a little anxious too. I really want her to enjoy her time here so I’m trying to plan every little detail. It’s  impossible though, and probably a little pointless. Still, I can’t help myself!
I want to blog one more time before she arrives. We’re going to do a lot of sightseeing together, so after that I’ll have lots of fun photos to show you!
See you next time,

12 thoughts on “Autumn Schoolgirl Outfit

  1. Wow, that dress is gorgeos, I love it, what a nice color. This outfit looks amazing on you. The color combination is perfect ♥And how fun that your mother is coming to visit you! I hope she will enjoy her time there ^^

  2. Autumn is such a nice season. I like winter too, but the cold ones lol since seasons here are really weird. Blue suits you so well! You're a doll ^^great to read that your mom is coming! Have fun with her, i am sure you are going to plan an excellent tour!

  3. I love the schoolgirl theme too! You pull it off really well!We're the same age ^^I love autumn, is my favourite season (if it doesn't rain all the time). And I really love velvet, but here in Milan it's still quite hot, so I don't feel like wearing it yet Q_Q Maybe I'll wear my velvet dress with a pointy hood for halloween.Have fun with your mom 😀 Don't worry, I'm sure she'll have fun anyway because she'll be with her doughter!

  4. Thank you very much! Yes, it's her first time. I really hope she likes it! I have missed her so much. I wish my father could come too, but he really hates flying and it's such a long journey.

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