CANMAKE Candy Wrap Lip

Hello dear readers!
Do you know the cosmetic brand CANMAKE?
It’s a popular Japanese brand, with cute packaging and reasonable prices. 
Since we got into the often grey days of autumn I feel my complexion looks a bit dull, so I went shopping for some lip gloss to cheer it up. I haven’t tried CANMAKE before, but I always thought their products look very pretty. This red gloss (the colour is Lady Strawberry) caught my eye. Red lipstick is quite difficult to pull off, at least in my experience, but somehow a gloss is much easier and has a far softer effect. 
What do you think? The top picture is without the gloss, and the bottom one is with. I definitely think my complexion looks brighter with the lip gloss! You only need to apply a little to to get this colour and it has a nice moisturing effect since it’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, honey extract and shea butter.
I’m sure I’ll get something form CANMAKE again, perhaps an eyeshadow set since they also look so cute! Here’s their English website, if you are interested:
I’ve been working on a few things lately, for example a new hair tutorial, photoshoots, and an autumn themed hat for the Triple Fortune Tea Party! Aviva and I are going this weekend, I’m so excited! Please look forward to these future posts 🙂
See you next time,

10 thoughts on “CANMAKE Candy Wrap Lip

  1. I really like canmake too. I use their BB cream ( and i rather like it. I'm kind of used to it so when mom comes over to spend xmas i asked her to be kind enough to bring some. I really like that gloss on you. I do agree that red lipstick can be a bit overbearing sometimes so that it s nice way to keep the color in a more softer way.I am so jealous of you for being able to attend that tea party, i'm a sucker for triple fortune. I am sure you'll have a blast! The company is fantastic anyway.Kisses, Jo

  2. Looks so lovely on you. ^^vCanmake is one of my favourites too.So cheap but still fairly good qualityand an amazing range of all you can ever need make up. ^^dTheir blushes and nail polish are really cute. <3Thanks for introducing this gloss. ^^d Might have to try it now.MMxoxo

  3. I've been wanting to try out BB cream for some time, maybe I'll give theirs a go!I can't wait to see what the other guests will be wearing at the tea party! The snaps always look amazing.

  4. oh, it matches you complexion and hair really well! it makes such a difference! and thank you for the review, I´ll probably buy more from canmake. I just tried and approved their concealer as well.whoa, triple fortune tea party, you say? I´ll be eagerly waiting for you post about it, I´m sure it´ll be amaaazing!

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