Popteen x Cando Collaboration Lashes

Hello dear readers! How are you today?
Just a small post this time about a new range of false eyelashes I came across the other day.
I expect many of you will know the gal magazine Popteen. They recently produced a collection of false lashes, eyelid stickers and lash glue for 100yen shop Cando. That’s the 100yen shop I most frequently visit since it’s closest to my house!
There’s lots and lots of different styles in the range, including top and bottom lashes, half type and full type. I decided to try out the half type lashes because that’s my favourite style but I can seldom find much variety. These are styles 03 and 04.
The lavender on the left is 04, the yellow on the right 03.
I’ve yet to try 03, but here are the results of 04 (top left is before putting lashes):
In spite of being half-type they are actually quite huge, and I felt a bit self-consious of them when I went out. Having said that the actual sensation of wearing them is comfortable because they are on a clear, flexible band and the lash hairs are soft and feathery. They do have a really nice impact in photos (in my opinion anyway) so maybe I will keep them for photoshoots and big meetups.
As for the quality, obviously it’s not fantastic but for 105yen it’s fine. I have a lot of those Daiso lashes that come in pink boxes and I think the quality of those is kind of better in that they are sturdier and shed less fibres, plus they come with glue and I think the Popteen ones didn’t. I use a different glue anyway so it doesn’t make a difference to me but it’s worth noting. 
However, I really prefer the style and variety of the Popteen ones. Although the quality is lower they mimic the look of more expensive eyelash brands with cute and imaginative styling and matte, natural looking lash fibres. 
 I’ll show you the other pair next time, they are smaller so I think I’ll prefer them. Do give this range a go if you see it, these lashes are definitely worth a try!

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