Black and brown coordinate

Hello dear readers! How are you?
I went to Shinjuku the other day, and decided to try out a black and brown outfit. For a long time, I didn’t like this combination, but recently I started to think it looks very pleasing and elegant if done nicely. It also gives me a chance to wear my black items which I seldom use, like this chiffon blouse with tiny imitation mother-of-pearl buttons.
Headbow, JSK: Innocent World
Necklace: Chocochip Cookie
Bag: Metamorphose
Others: Offbrand

It’s pretty simple, but I think I got the colour balance right. 
I went to a restaurant in Lumine Est, I’m afraid I forgot the name but it specialises in udon, soba and pasta. You can choose your main dish, plus two side dishes and a drink. I chose two desserts as my side dishes!

Warabi mochi (the one on the right) is my favourite! My friend went for rice and pumpkin. They were good too!

The main dish was cold noodles with yuzu soya sauce and mentaiko. It was really refreshing! This was actually the day of the dust cloud so it was good to eat something clean and healthy tasting after all that yuckiness.

I also got some fake glasses at 3coins, I’ve been thinking about getting some for a while since they look so good on Japanese girls here. The popular huge ones don’t do much for me though, they are basically the same size as my face and look a bit mad. These middling seized ones are quite big enough I think.

I poked the lenses out when I got home. After all, if they are fake, you may as well make no pretence at all! I don’t know if I will wear them often but it was fun to try them out for 315yen.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you again soon,

14 thoughts on “Black and brown coordinate

  1. I'm not a fan of brown and black, but you rock it and make me wanna try myself :DYou look great with glasses too. As for myself I'd like to not have to wear glasses :PThe mentaiko pasta looks really yummy! I love mentaiko!

  2. I adore the black and brown combination! You look very elegant, as always. The mother of pearl buttons on the blouse tie the black in with the cream in the print just perfectly.The food looks so tasty too!

  3. I've been reading your blog for a while, but never commented it (shame on me ;__;) though I'm a Elegant Poupee's fan on FB (^-^) I should have commented on you bog before >_<I really love that coordination, I think the brown shades suit you se well ! And I think those glasses were a good idea, they create a studious but cute look !

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