Disney Ambassador Hotel and Ikspiari

 Hello dear readers! How are you?
Here’s the second part of my Disney trip, which is really the first, because I took these on the day I arrived at Maihama.
We checked into the Ambassador Hotel, which is decorated in Art Deco style with Disney motifs, and went shopping in Ikspiari, a mall that is connected to Tokyo Disney resort.
Here’s my outfit for that day:
Hair accessory: Handmade
Blouse: Vintage
Jumperskirt: Emily Temple Cute
Others: Offbrand

Here’s a close-up of my hair accessory.
The ribbon is from Laduree! It’s so pretty, I had to use it for something.
This is the view from our room. It’s lovely isn’t it? And you can see the volcano at Disney Sea in the distance! It was much to cold to enjoy the swimming pool though.
We had tea in the hotel cafe. These were some of the desserts on offer.
I had the smoked salmon and cheese pancake set. It was really good! Plus the Mickey-shaped cheese was too cute ❤
I ordered the Alice dessert to follow. Inside the cup is Earl Gray flavoured mousse. Delicious! 
We had dinner in the Rainforest Cafe in Ikspiari, and I took a picture with my lookalike. Ikspiari is like a little bit of Disneyland, there’s all sorts of fun things there. There were animatronic elephants, butterflies and monkeys inside the restaurant!
This was also in Ikspiari. It’s pretty as you can see!
There were all sorts of funny things going on in that big mural behind me, like this lady with a note for ‘Big Daddy Iizuka’. I don’t know who Big Daddy Iizuka is but he sounds scary!
Have a look at it if you visit, it really is strange!
Oh, and there was a concert being given by school children outside the Disney store. It was so adorable! The four couples at the front were doing a little dance where the boys gave the girls flowers. So cute! I think English boys would be much too bashful to do something like that, which is silly of them but there you go.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for looking and see you again soon.

5 thoughts on “Disney Ambassador Hotel and Ikspiari

  1. I'm in love witho your outfit, it's so delicate! Your hair accessory is really cute!Disney food seems awesome!My favourite photo is the one with the giraffe *_* I'd like to go to Ikspiari one day!!

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