Elegant Poupée 2!

Welcome to the new Elegant Poupée!

I have moved here from poupee-sapphira.blogspot.com

I should explain why I’ve decided to make a new blog. There are a few reasons. The  biggest one was being unable to share anything from my blog to facebook, despite trying various methods to solve the problem. It made my blog seem so cut off! The final straw was when blogger deleted my blog with no warning after my gmail account was hacked. I got everything back but after so many problems I was unhappy. I felt it was time for a fresh start, so I decided to move to a new blogging platform. I hope you’ll like it!

I moved all my old blogger posts onto this blog too, and I’m also leaving my old blog up.

To start things off, here are some of Elegant Poupée’s most popular posts:

Looped braids hairstyle 1

Looped braids hairstyle 2 

Classic lolita make-up tutorial

Easy straw bonnet tutorial

Hope you enjoy them! Thank you for reading and supporting this blog in it’s new home. Please look out for the next new post coming soon!




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