Wallace Collection and Harrods

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Today’s post has some pictures from a trip to London. I visited the Wallce Collection and Harrods. I didn’t take many pictures in the Wallace Collection because I was too busy admiring everything! There is a wonderful selection of all sorts of paintings and objects, including Fragonard’s “The Swing” which you’ll know very well from a certain series by Juliette et Justine. I did get a couple of outfit shots, and a suit of horse armour!



JSK: Handmade (bought from EGL comm sales)

Everything else: Offbrand


The fancy horse armour! It’s nice to see it displayed like this, it really is impressive. Must have been heavy for the poor old horse though!


The Wallace Collection is so full of pretty things! It is in a big house in London, near Oxford street. The nicest thing about it, I think, is that rather than being laid out as a gallery (which can be quite dry to look at after a while, no matter how lovely the things are there) there are individual rooms with furniture, objects, and paintings displayed together harmoniously with the interior decoration.

I also went to Harrods for a wander round and to get some souvenirs of England for my family. I suppose I am a pretty immature 25 year old because I got so excited in the toy department! It was amazing!


Dressing-up clothes for children! I really loved the blue skirt and velvet jacket with gold frogging. Guess how much that outfit was? About £200!!!


I also found some Ladurée gift boxes, with jam and pink champagne! I’m more attracted to the box though. I would keep hair accesories in it!

I hope you enjoyed this first ‘proper content’ post on the new blog.  If you have a chance to go to London I definitely recommend the Wallace Collection.

See you again soon,




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