Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise

Hello dear readers! How are you? How are you liking the new blog?

I actually have a lot of posts to catch up on since I took a break from blogging. Today I’ll share with you some photos from a lovely day viewing aquatic creatures at Yokohama Bay. First here’s my outfit:



Onepiece: Handmade

Skirt: Jane Marple

Others: Offbrand

I layered my red gingham skirt over a white onepiece. It works quite well I think! I like how the ruffle peeks out from the hem of the skirt.

I wanted to look at sea creatures, and I looked up a few different aquariums. There are some in Tokyo of course, but Hakkejima Sea Paradise seemed really interesting. It’s kind of an amusement park built on an artificial island. There are some gardens and pleasant places to walk, shops and restaurants.

Unfortunately on the day I took too long to wake up and get ready, so before changing trains to the “Seaside Line” which takes you to Hakkejima Sea Paradise I was already very hungry for lunch. I found a funny old cafe near the station!


I guess for Japanese people this place looks quite decrepit, but for me it’s very cute! They served “Japanese Western” kind of food like curry rice and hamburg. I had curry and then a cake set 🙂


Finally we arrived there! Hakkejima Sea Paradise has many attractions, including various aquariums and a place where you can go fishing!

First I’ll show you my favourite creature that I met that day.


Have you seen anything like him before? I hadn’t! He is a mambo, or sunfish. You can’t see from this picture but he is very big, maybe the size of a dolphin (but considerably flatter). I was very shocked when I saw him! I kept asking “Where’s the rest of it? What happened??”

The more I watched him though, the more I liked him. Because he is large and flat with very small fins, he can’t move about easily. As well as that his mouth is very small, so it’s hard for him to eat. One of the aquarium staff had to get into the tank and feed him by hand. He was so excited about getting his dinner! He really looked cute. From then I decided that I love mambos. They are hard to keep as a pet though!


Of course there were lots of fish, but they were quite hard to photograph. This lionfish was obviously exceptionally vain, because he obligingly posed for the camera several times. He is a very handsome fellow so I don’t blame him.


There were also mammalian creatures, including a jolly polar bear, even jollier penguins and some delighful roly-poly seals! The mascot of Hakkejima Sea Paradise is a seal.


The jellyfish were amazing and beautiful. There were minuscule baby jellyfish in the tank too!


To finish, here’s a picture of a crab looking silly.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I would like to go back to Hakkejima Sea Paradise someday. Next time though, I will get up a lot earlier so that I can have the full day to enjoy all the attractions!

See you next time,



8 thoughts on “Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise

  1. Your outfit is really cute ❤
    The Yokohama Bay looks very nice and interesting. I was in Japan last month (for two weeks) but unfortunately I didn´t manage to stop at Yokohama 😦 . I think this will be a nice projekt for my next visit in Japan.
    Best greetings,
    Mira ^_^

  2. A sunfish diet is mainly jellyfish so there definitely needs to be more sunfish in the oceans, if only to reduce the possibility of the Jellyfish Apocalypse.

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