Almandin France x YUIRU collaboration show (plus a cute cafe!)

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Recently I met a lovely French model and designer, Celine, and she asked me to be in her fashion show!

Her brand, Almandin France, has an elegant rock image. It’s really cool! There were actually two shows over the weekend, both held in collaboration with a Japanese brand YUIRU which makes beautiful bags from obi material.


Me, the other models, the hair and make artists and the designer!


This was another outift I wore for the show! Reminds me of Hong Kong school uniform, very cute.


I wore this outfit for a photoshoot too. A lot of Almandin France’s clothes are black or dark, but I was given all the pink ones to wear! We models were all from diverse backgrounds (Malaysia, England, Iran, Ukraine, and on the second day France, Slovenia and Japan too), and we all had a different image with our styling. My image was ‘kawaii’!! I really enjoyed chatting with the other girls and all the staff, they are so nice and kind.


With fellow models, YUIRU’s producer Yoko-san, assistant, hair and make artists and Amandin France’s designer Celine! Ostukaresama!

The shows were held at the Institut Francais in Iidabashi. As I walked there from the station, alongside the Sotobori Canal, I noticed a cute cafe aptly called “Canal Cafe”.  After the last show, I went there with my friend to relax and wind down.


It was so peaceful by the water, watching the train go by, and the fish and turtles swimming, and the cherry trees on either side of the canal. Even though it is a popular place and was very busy, it was still easy to relax.


Although it’s not sakura season, I ordered sakura tea and sakura roll cake. I’d like to go back when everything is blooming!

I hope you enjoyed this post, even if it wasn’t lolita! See you again soon,


*Many thanks to Almandin France, YUIRU and to Charlie for the photos!*


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