Trick or Treat Meet

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Today I’m going to share pictures from the Tokyo International Lolitas Trick or Treat meet-up. Trick or Treat is a Halloween theme restaurant in Roppongi. The optional dress code was ‘spooky’!


My first thought was to try something gothic, but my wardrobe has hardly any black or gothic items…. the best thing I could do is look like a creepy doll instead. I based the outfit around my Triple Fortune bonnet, as that is the most doll-like item I have. Since there are lots of roses, I decided to theme my outfit as “いばらの森の人形” (doll of the thorn forest). I put leaves and roses in my (wig) hair and on my dress. I also did doll-like makeup with pink under my eyes and top and bottom lashes.



Bonnet: Triple Fortune

Jumperskirt: Metamorphose Gobelin print

Umbrella: Alice and the Pirates

Bracelet: Emily Temple Cute with things stuck all over it

Others: Secondhand and offbrand


After meeting at Harajuku station we had some food (I had lavender tea) and went to Closet Child. I found a crazy yellow Baby tartan suit. I really liked it! It reminded me of Dionne from Clueless, who I think we can all agree was extremely stylish. The skirt looked super short though and my outfit was too elaborate to take off to try it so I just left it. I don’t think it’s on anyone’s must-have list though so maybe I can go back for it sometime.


After Takeshita we made our way to Laforet. We looked at the biscuit bags in Swimmer. I think the plain colour is sold out, at least it wasn’t on display. I’m glad I got mine already! The other two colours are really nice too, the pink is quite a classical shade.

The Kawaii Fes was happening that day, and there was a film crew from Nihon TV’s ZIP!. We all agreed to be interviewed by them, which took a long time and was a bit nerve wracking! In the end they did not use any footage of us speaking, but just of us walking around, which was a pretty good result I think!


Group shot, including Merry Making in Ghost Town triplets!

Also, as we were leaving Laforet I ran into my friend Capsule Bunny! She was with Sexpot staff and Ageha model Amihamu who will be giving her a Death Girl makeover on Kawaii.i. Please look out for it!

After that it was off to the restaurant. Laura and I got separated from the others and had to make our own way there. We took the wrong train at first but we still ended up on time, yay!


On the (correct) train….


At the restaurant. I’m sorry for the grainy photographs, it was so dark in there! The deco was scary and there was horror movie music playing. It made me a bit jumpy at first!


Creepy things!!


We were very suprised to find Mr Yan working here! These days he is sporting dreadlocks and is partial to a drop of  whisky. He had his very own poster staring at you in the loo, which was possibly the creepiest thing in the whole restaurant. Also he is kind of rude!!!


Here you can see the bar area, and also a bit of Sarah’s faaabulous bag. There was a very pretty, small snake sitting in a vivarium on the counter. There was also a screen playing horror movies.


The food was really, really good. Of course it was expensive, but still it was so nice. Better than the Vampire Cafe definitely! We shared garlic fries and some cheesy things, then we had our own main dish. Mine was taco rice. It was so good, I can’t tell you!

We finished the day with purikura.

tokyo international lolita

Thank you girls for a lovely day! I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Please check back soon for more new posts.



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