KERA snap Halloween x Classic ♣︎パンプキンお嬢♣︎

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are well!

Today I’ll show you what I wore to the first KERA snap to be held at Marui Annex.

sapphira lolita halloween.jpg

My outfit has an orange and black theme for Halloween. This year I am really enjoying Halloween! It’s not really much of an event in England, and especially in my family we never celebrated it (except by pretending to not be at home when trick-or-treaters came round). I suppose there must be even more wonderful Halloween traditions in America, but to me Japan’s version already seems pretty amazing!

kitty donut halloween.jpg

Just look at these cute Halloween doughnuts! They’re from the Hello Kitty x Mr Donut collaboration. The one on the top with pumpkin cream inside is my personal recommendation.

sapphira doll halloween kitty.jpg

This one really matched my outfit.


The obake (ghost) one was kind of a weird shape but it was strawberry flavour and filled with cream which was pretty nice.


Akira was a guest at the snap! It was a complete suprise because I didn’t see the blog post about it. I’m so happy I got to meet her, she is even more gorgeous in person. Akira, Chielu and Curina are probably my favourite KERA models. Obviously I like cool and beautiful women, haha! Which KERA models do you like?

Here’s my full coordinate:


Headdress, corsages, pompom shoeclips: Handmade

Onepiece: Juliette et Justine “Une Camée d’une Fleur”

Socks, pumpkin wrist corsage: Don Quixote

Necklace: Clares

With this outfit I wanted to make a classic lolita look incorporating traditional Halloween colours/items. I got the initial idea from seeing Midori wearing Baby’s Merry Making in Ghost Town. I remembered that there is a slight orange tint to this Juliette onepiece, so it made the perfect base for adding orange accessories.  I originally wanted to wear a witch hat but I couldn’t find a nice one so I whipped up this big corsage with roses from CanDo and some black lace I had lying around. I braved Don Quixote for Halloween items (it is a terrible place for unwelcome nanpa and strange tourists following you) and found this cute corsage and striped socks. I was worried about the socks being too costumey but actually everything turned out quite balanced! I was pleased with this coordinate.

hello kitty halloween donut.jpg

To end this Halloween post here is Kitty’s witch coordinate! She came with the donuts which were in this adorable haunted mansion.

What are you plans for October 31st? Any spooky Lolita events going on? Got an outfit planned? I want to hear about it!


9 thoughts on “KERA snap Halloween x Classic ♣︎パンプキンお嬢♣︎

    • She is!

      Thank you, it’s a wig actually, although it’s basically how my hair would be if I straightened it 😉

      I don’t like to heat styling my hair though so if I want it straight I just pop this wig on!

  1. Ahhh I wish I could try those donuts, I tried a few of their regular donuts and wasn’t a huge fan (one of them seemed to be filled with butter, lolwhut?) but I love anything halloween themed. Btw is it usual for everyone who goes to Mr donut to get 4 or 5 each? Because when I went, everyone was filling up their trays (just for themselves!) and it was weird to me because I would usually get just one donut! But since everyone else was doing it so did I.

    • Haha, that butter one sounds incredibly unhealthy, I guess I would like it though!

      Yes I think most people get several at a time. I bought extra to get the house and kitty and ate some then and some for breakfast. It could be some other people do that.

      My theory is that because the Japanese diet is very full of carbohydrates it would feel normal to eat a lot of doughnuts at once!

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