Strawberry Outfit and Shopping

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are well!

Last night there was a big storm in England. I was worried about my friends and family there. Luckily everyone I’ve heard from is ok. I hope none of you were adversely affected.

I’m still a little unwell lately with a cough and cold, but I had a nice day out yesterday. I wore my new Emily Temple Cute bolero with strawberries on it!



Bolero: Emily Temple Cute

Jumperskirt: Jane Marple

Others: Vintage, offbrand


I matched my dress and hair accessory to the green strawberry leaves, and red accents to complement the strawberries themselves.


I went to MYLORD, Tokyu Hands, Kinokuniya and Isetan. I got one of the Liz Liza x Pentel collaboration pens. They are really pretty! I got the mint green one, but there is also cream, pink and blue and also a mechanical pencil version. You can choose which colours you want to write with because the stylus thingies (sorry, I don’t know what to call them!) are sold separately. I got black, blue-black and pink. I wanted brown but they didn’t have it!


I also got the Q-pot mook. It’s the first time I’ve got a mook, there are millions about these days so I was waiting for one I really wanted. This time the tote is brown so it matches easily with classical outfits, and I think it’s very nice. The printing is lovely and I love biscuit and chocolate things! The mook is full of tempting items and some cute photoshoots.


Again I made a video of my outift. I think this is better than the last one! Please take a look, I think you can see my outfit a lot better than in the pictures (and appreciate the cuteness of the knitted strawberries!)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. See you again soon!



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