Akasaka Palace

Hello dear readers! How are you? I hope you are well!

I’ve had a very nice weekend and did quite a few things. Probably the best thing was going to Akasaka Palace! It was built as a residence for a Japanese prince at the beginning of the 20th century and now it belongs to the government and is used as a guest house for state visitors. It is only open for three days a year so I was lucky to catch it!

I tried something different with my hair this time. I slept with it in rollers to make loose ringlets. I really like the effect and since this technique doesn’t use heat it will not damage my hair. The only drawback is that sleeping in the curlers is a bit uncomfortable. I had some nightmares and I think it might be related!


You can get to the palace by going to Yotsuya station. The area around the station is quite nice. There is a bridge that looks as though it was built in the Meiji era and it is covered with ivy. I took some pictures there of my outfit.



Ribbon: Jane Marple

Blouse: Vintage

Skirt, bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Tights: Tutuanna


I decided to wear my Marie Antoinette print skirt since Akasaka Palace is built in a Neo-Baroque style and I thought it would be fitting. I made the rest of my coordinate blue and white to fit with the print along with a little black. I really like my two-tone tights with this outfit as they add a bit of unexpected interest.


Unfortunately it was a drizzly sort of day and my ringlets began to drop as time went on. I still had a bit left the next day though!

If you watch this video you can see all the details of my outfit and also a nice view of the palace! Please take a look.


Although the palace is based on Western architecture, there are some Japanese touches like the armour on either side of the portico.


You can see Japanese motifs on this door too. The public are not allowed into the palace but we could catch a glimpse of the inside through here!


It reminds me of Buckingham Palace somewhat. It’s smaller though, only two stories high. It was built by a Japanese architect who was a student of Josiah Conder, an English architect who worked and lived in Japan. He built the house at Kyu-furukawa where Aviva and I did our Alice in Wonderland photoshoot.


After visiting the palace I went to the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum. They are currently having an exhibition of royal clothing from the Meiji era to modern times. It was a nice follow-on from the palace and there were some very interesting and beautiful items, both Western and Japanese style. The exhibition is quite small but everything is worth looking at and the entrance fee is only 500yen. I highly recommmend it! Unfortunately I could not take any pictures there.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and video! See you again soon,



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