Russian Fairy Tale Outfit

Hello dear readers! How are you today? I am having a busy week but I have the morning off so I thought I would make a blog post.

Last week I went to the KERA snap. I tried to make an eye-catching outfit in hope of being picked to be featured in the magazine. I wanted to include the scarf I bought while I was in England during the summer. I think it’s really cute, in bold red, yellow and blue with English wildflowers on it. I decided to wear it as a headscarf like a Russian babushka (granny).



Scarf: Cornelia James (they make scarves for the Queen! I got it in a charity shop though)

Blouse: Vintage

Jumperskirt: Emily Temple Cute

Others: Offbrand


You can see some details of my scarf and make-up here. I folded the scarf so that the blue border framed my face. That made it quite small so I fastened it under my chin with a pin instead of knotting it. It’s actually more comfortable that way I think!


Although the scarf is white, I didn’t put any white with my outfit (apart from my bag) because I wanted to accentutae the boldest colours. The velvet texture of the dress means that there is not such a stark contrast between it and the red blouse, so although they are very contrasting the effect is still stylish and not harsh.. It’s hard to see but my tights are dark blue with light blue polka dots. I find these tights really useful! The pattern is quiet enough to match with many things but they are still cute and not too plain. I’m wearing my favourite rosary that my father gave me, it is made of rosewood and it has a nice scent.

I made another video of my outfit. I got quite used to making these so mabe next time I will talk and explain my outfit… I’m still a bit shy about it though! Please take a look!

After going to the snap I went to Freshness Burger! I really love hamburgers and the burgers there are so nice. They really taste fresh, but still nice and oily, haha. I got the new one with mushroom and cheese!


It was good! After that I did some shopping around Shinjuku. It was a nice day and I really enjoyed wearing this outfit!


Thank you for reading, and see you again soon!



2 thoughts on “Russian Fairy Tale Outfit

  1. The outfit does indeed give that Russian feel to it due to the scarf 😀 I like it, and it’s nice that you also make outfit video’s ^_^

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