Pancakes in Harajuku

Hello dear readers! How are you today? Hope you are all well!

As you know, I love to go to cafes, but I’ve actually been to all of the ones on my list and I’m now searching for new ones. I googled for some nice cafes in Harajuku and came across Sunday Jam. As it was actually Sunday, it seemed the perfect place to go!


Sunday Jam serves sweet and savoury pancakes. It’s a bit risky trying to eat pancakes in Harajuku because there are often huge queues! However I arrived at 2pm and by 2:15 I had a table, not bad at all! I ordered the Honolulu nuts and maple pancakes with bacon and hot tea.


The glass mug had hibiscus flowers on it, I guess to add to the Hawaiian theme? Anyway it was cute, and the leaf tea was tasty.

20131111-142141.jpgI think I actually managed to capture the deliciousness of the pancakes in this picture for once. I was kind of disappointed with the puny amount of bacon, but still it was so, sooo good! I thought the macadamia nuts would be sprinkled on top, but they were actually inside the pancake batter! And I thought the lump in the middle was ice cream, but it was actually butter! Two very nice surprises.

I couldn’t finish everything even though I was very hungry when I arrived. Luckily someone else polished off what was left, but if you go please be aware that the portion is large!

After that I waddled outside to take an oufit shot:



Ribbon, skirt: Innocent World

Blouse: Vintage

Teddy tights: Swimmer

There were lots of bears on this outfit! The headbow is from the Night Bear series (although there aren’t any actual bears on it) and the skirt is Toy Parade and features teddies, dollies, toy soldiers and pull-along ducks. Although it’s a nursery theme, it’s presented in such a subtle way that it still looks mature. I really love this skirt! Here’s a closeup of the flocky print- it’s so adorable!


I put my hair into a snood, or hairnet. These were very popular in the 1940s and I like to mix retro styling into lolita.   It was also quite practical as it was a windy day and the net kept my hair nice and neat!20131111-142121.jpg

Of course I could not resisit going to Closet Child! As usual many things caught my eye but I particularly fell in love with a regimental stripe setup from Metamorphose…. I really loved that series when it came out but I sort of forgot about it until now! The price was not at all bad and I worked very hard all last week so I decided to treat myself 🙂 Happy happy!


Since it’s blue I can match it with many things in my wardrobe, and it’s just the season for wearing regimental stripes. I love British motifs like these! It will be a lot of fun combining the two pieces in different ways. I am going to look out for the jacket too so I can make a suit!

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it has not made you too hungry for pancakes (or regimental stripes). By the way, do you know of any good cafes in Tokyo or Kanagawa that I should visit?

See you again soon,



13 thoughts on “Pancakes in Harajuku

  1. Your outfits are always so well put together and you look so stylish!
    Can I ask what sort of reactions you get from people? Do people ever comment on your style? 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Anna!

      Well, it’s a little bit embarrassing to talk about, but I did get a lot of comments when I lived in England. People would come up to me and ask where I got my clothes from or tell me that seeing someone with unique style really made their day. Occasionally I would meet girls who had heard about lolita fashion and they were excited to meet a lolita for the first time. Those kind of comments made me so happy!

      Of course I also got questions like “Are you in a play?” and a few times “Are those clothes traditional in your country?” which was a bit puzzling but not bad at all. Imagine if there really was a whole country of lolitas! In general people were very interested in what I was wearing, I think because it is so different to what you usually see in England. Although my hometown is close to Brighton which is famous for alternative fashion, lolita still stands out even there.

      In Japan, people don’t usually approach me out of the blue to talk to me about my clothes the way they did at home. People know about lolita fashion and seeing lolitas is not very uncommon, so my style is not as outstanding as it is in England. I think that’s why the reaction is different. Also I suppose even if they wanted to say something more they might hesitate because of the launguage difference.

      Here people tend to say something as I pass by rather than actually talking to me. “Wow!” or “Kawaii!” or “Looks like a doll!” are the usual ones, which is very nice although I’m not always sure if the “Wow/Sugoi” is good or not!

      In both countries there are stares and a lot of curiousity about my fringe! Generally I get good reactions, and if there are bad ones I forget about them 🙂

      Sorry for the long reply! Have a nice day~

      • Thank you so much for the reply! A country of lolitas does sound fantastic. However, I can’t imagine the economy would be very good!

        I have only ever worn Emily Temple Cute dresses in Japan because of suitcase space but I will be moving to Nagoya in a few months, so that puts my mind at ease. I am also from the UK, so I’m sure it will be a pleasant change!

        Oh really? Your fringe is beautiful! That’s very surprising!

        I hope you find some good new cafes!

  2. Hi Sapphira, I love this post! Detailed descriptions of food are my fave, lol. Macadamia inside the pancakes, how curious…I never thought of putting nuts in pancakes. Also, I did not know Swimmer did tights! It seems like everywhere does them now. They’re cute with the IW print.

    As for cafes…I have a bit of an obsession with theme restaurants. Even outside of japan! I’ve never lived there or anything but when I go I go crazy with finding weird places to eat. There are all of these ones on my blog
    But you probably know most of them because they are the obvious ones. Maybe you haven’t been to the Moomin cafe? The french toast there is the best thing ever. Also the 8bit cafe? But that is more of a bar. Sorry if these are obvious suggestions!
    I have a lot of other theme cafes bookmarked, such as the shirokuma cafe. I think it’s in shinjuku…if you search in japanese you will find it. If you haven’t seen that anime you should at least watch the first episode on youtube before going. It’s super cute. There is also a pirate restaurant that I couldn’t find in odaiba, I think it’s a diamond dining one but it wasn’t where it was listed on the map. There’s also some owl cafe
    and a penguin cafe that I have on my list to visit next year…
    I have more bookmarks but I am not on my own laptop now so if you want I can send you some later.

  3. The pancakes look delicious and I think in autumn pancakes fit better than the Harajuku-Crépes (although they´re yummy too) :).
    I really enjoyed the “Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse” in Tokyo It´s a bit pricey but definately worth it. The atmosphere is very nice there.
    Btw, I love your Toy Parade skirt. Innocent World makes such lovely, elegant prints <3.

    • I think I have seen Aoyama Flower Market before but I thought it was a real flower shop! Some of the English names are so misleading here, like I thought the Takoyaki Museum in Odaiba was an actual museum with exhibits about takoyaki… Anyway it seems very nice so I will definitely try it sometime, thank you for the recommendation!

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