Lolita Blog Carnival- Book Inspired Coordinations

Hello dear readers! How are you? Once again I am participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival. Today’s topic is Book Inspired Coordinations.


It was a little hard to decide how to approach this one, so I think everyone’s entries will be quite varied. I decided to think about basing coordinates on a book character, since just a book-themed coordinate wouldn’t be much to write about (library print+book bag+book headdress) no matter how cute it is.

Who is your favourite literary character? Although there are many that are dear to me, my favourite is Anne Shirley. As a character she is so full of life, and she grows up so beautifully as the books go on. Although she makes many mistakes she is good at heart and tries her best to do the right thing. I identified a lot with Anne as a child because of the romantic way she sees the world and how she becomes so engrossed in books and daydreams. Also, I sympathised with her vanity! Since she is quite fashion-conscious, I think she is a very good candidate to inspire a lolita coordination. So here are my ideas for a coordinate inspired by her.


-Classic Lolita Anne of Green Gables-


-An auburn wig.

-Grey-green contacts.

-Twin plaits/braids. You could be creative and do fishtail braids or rope braids. Tie them with ribbons to match your dress.

-Freckles. You can draw them on with a brown eyeliner or eyebrow pencil.


-Natural colours would be nice- brown, green, navy blue, grey etc.

-Gingham, tartan or subtle stripes.


-High collar or sailor neckline.

-Puff sleeves. Anne loved puff sleeves very much  and cried when she got her first dress with them, so I think an Anne-inspired coord needs to have them!


-An empire waist or sack waist (ie no waist at all) will look childlike and cute.


-Boater hat (mini or full size) or other stiff brimmed hat. One of Anne’s hats in the books was described as a ‘glossy brown sailor’ so you could try a sailor hat too, so long as it is full sized and doesn’t look out of place with the rest of your coordinate.

-Small, girlish flowers such as daisies. Big roses would be too gorgeous and glamorus. Anne wore a garland of wildflowers in one episode so you could try that for a pure appearance.

-Lace-up ankle boots would be appropriate for the era.

-Tights or socks with a striped weave will look Edwardian but also not too plain.


I hope you enjoyed reading my ideas! Which literary character inspires your lolita style?

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5 thoughts on “Lolita Blog Carnival- Book Inspired Coordinations

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  2. I love Montgomery’s books! I used to read Emily trilogy like crazy when I was a teenager. I think I have to do Montgomery-related outfit at some point too :). Haha and yeah my blog name is kind of un-lolitalike ;D.

    • Haha, it is memorable though!
      Although I have read the Anne series and a lot of Montgomery’s short stories, I haven’t read any Emily books yet. I’m sure they are wonderful though because she is a great writer! Definitely need to read them sometime 🙂

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