Anne Shirley inspired coordinate

This post is going to be sort of bilingual. I have been thinking of doing this for some time since I want to practice and improve my Japanese. I am a bit shy because my Japanese is rather strange and broken but I will try my best. I hope it will not be distracting for people reading in English! If you have feedback, please let me know. And if you read English and Japanese, I recommend to only read the English part XD

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are well.


This post is a follow-on from my last post, in which I gave some suggestion for making a coordinate inspired by the classic character Anne of Green Gables.


To be honest, I did not follow all my own advice, but I like the way it turned out! It does not look exactly like her, nor should it I think because I am not trying to make a cosplay, but you can see the inspiration. The boots, the gingham and the hairstyle are my favourite and most Anne-like points.


Hat: corgi-corgi

Coat: Victorian Maiden

Underdress: Handmade

Jumperskirt: Jane Marple

Bag: Metamorphose


I wore a red-brown wig and put it into two plaits. It ought to be redder for Anne really but I thought the way the plaits turned up at the end was very cute!


On this day I decided to go to one of the cafes that a follower, Emu, recommended to me. Please check her blog, it’s full of cute things including reviews of many theme restaurants in Tokyo!

The cafe was Milky Way in Ikebukuro, which has a cosmic theme. There was a display of desserts which looked amazing!


20131120-172039.jpgThey are all named after star signs (aquarius, aries etc). Although the desserts looked tempting, I really needed to start off with some proper food first. I was intrigued by the takoyaki gratin!



It was basically a pasta bake with bacon and cream sauce plus five takoyaki, a runny egg, a piece of broccoli, demi-glace sauce and mayonnaise! It was very rich and I think a bit of a strange combination, but I enjoyed it. Luckily it left me with some space for dessert!



I ordered the murasaki imo (that’s sweet potato) parfait, which was the dessert for Gemini. According to the menu this is my star sign, but I’m pretty sure it’s not (my birthday is 17th July). There were banana pieces, an oreo, star shaped cookies, a murasaki imo, crackers for some reason, and the main part was a sponge base topped with vanilla ice cream with sweet potato cream piped around it like a mont blanc. I’m not fond of ice cream but I ate everything except that and the crackers. It did not look very pretty at the end and my stomach kind of hurt but it was yummy! Probably it would be better to go at tea time and just have a dessert, but I get up so late at weekends that my lunch and tea gets squashed together!

I did some shopping after that and actually got a brown eyeliner so that I could try out the freckles when I got home!



I don’t have freckles naturally, but I think they are very cute even if Anne hated hers! I tried to draw more on the bridge of my nose for a realistic effect, since truly freckled people have more there because that is the part that catches the sun most. Probably I placed some a bit too close to the end of my nose though!


I will practice more and maybe make a freckle tutorial! What do you think? Is there any tutorial you would particularly like to see from me?


Thank you for reading and see you again soon!



5 thoughts on “Anne Shirley inspired coordinate

  1. haha that whole star sign thing at Milky Way Cafe was wasted on me because I didn’t understand the menu! That makes it much cuter! So cool that you went there, thanks for plugging my blog 😀 Was it really empty when you went too? It really feels like a 1950’s diner, don’t you think? Like something from Grease…but japanese and with stars…

    • It definitely had a 1950s vibe! Actually it was pretty full when I went, and (I think) most of the customers were either couples or fujoshi/female otaku XD I know there are some shops catering to their kind of interests nearby so maybe it’s a popular spot for them lately?

  2. When you wrote the desserts were named after star signs, I wondered which one of them was gemini because that is my sign. How thrilled I was when it was the item you bought. it’s very pretty.
    I do love that wig, it’s perfect with the ensemble.

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