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Hello dear readers! How are you?


Last week I went to another cafe recommended by reader Emu– the Moomin Cafe. I don’t know very much about Moomins, but it looked totally adorable so I went there with my friend, also not a particular Moomin fan but definitely a fellow tea fan!



It is indeed very cute, and it was decorated for Christmas so it was even cuter than usual. We went there on a Sunday at midday and we had to queue for a little bit. The staff brought hot tea out to us! It is actually a bakery and a gift shop as well as a cafe. We decided to have lunch though. There was curry, a pasta and mini quiche set, something which I forgot, and meatballs. Apart from the curry, I think everything is supposed to be inspired by Finnish cuisine as the Moomins are from Finland. There was also all sorts of bread of which you could eat as much as you liked!



I was excited when I saw the bread because it looks like European style bread, which I miss very much. Japanese bread is very sweet, very white and altogether rather like sponge cake. I don’t mind it but I wish I could have the oher type sometimes. Unfortunately this bread, despite appearances, turned out to be squishy and sweet as usual (even the ones without raisins) and the refill option was lost on my friend and me because we do not have the Japanese ability to eat enormous amounts of carbohydrates without becoming full. Nontheless it was lovely bread, even if it was not what I expected!


I watched the Moomins cartoon when I was little, but I don’t remember much about it, and I only became aware much later that they are magical troll creatures (I thought they were a type of hippopotamus from the moon). My lasting impression was of Papa Moomin’s dapper top hat and of a little girl with a wicked, sly face. I was telling my friend about how I did not fancy that the looks of that little girl very much, when the waitress arrived at the table with this:



Oh dear! Anyway she behaved herself, and it’s very sweet that the staff bring a toy to sit with you. The Moomin troll ones were so cute! They were very big and friendly looking. I want one! The whole cafe is decorated with murals of the Moomin characters and toys, and there are Moomin books to read. The gift shop goods are also very nice and you can buy the Moomin cutlery that is used in the restaurant.



The food was very tasty indeed. I had the meatballs, which also came with soup (it had moomin pasta in it!), green salad, cherry tomatoes, a scoop of Japanese potato salad and smoked fish.



I absolutely loved the meatballs and the smoked fish! The sauce with the meatballs was delicious. Unfortunately the soup was very sweet (not sure if it was corn or pumpkin) and with the sweet bread as well I could not finish it. I ate all the pastas though! I want to go back again and try the other dishes, and the french toast that Emu recommended!



The Moomin Cafe is in the LaQua complex near Tokyo Dome, so there are lots of things to do nearby- amusements, shops, other cafes and so on. There was even a live performance by a girl singer while we were there! It’s got a sort of Disneyland-ish feeling and I think it would be a nice place to go as a couple. Maybe next time I’ll go in the evening to see the illuminations!

Here’s what I wore:



Bolero is Emily Temple Cute, socks are Metamorphose, bag from Swimmer and blouse and skirt are vintage. Shoes are from Marks and Spencer but I got them for £3.75 in a charity shop while I was in England during the summer!

ボレロはEmily Temple Cute、靴下はMetamorphose、ハンドバッグはSwimmerから、ブラウスとスカートはビンテージです。

How do you like the Moomin cafe? Were Moomins a cherished part of your childhood or did you also mistake them for space versions of large African mammals?


Thanks for reading and see you again soon!






13 thoughts on “Moomin Cafe

  1. Oooh, I love the Moomins! I got the books when I was little, and I hope I can go to Moominland in Finland one day. That’s such a cute café you’ve got there! Also, I really love that cardigan and bag in your outfit, they match so well and they are just sweet.

  2. hehe thanks for plugging my blog again Sapphira! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Moomin Cafe. Omg there must have been some miscommunication (or no communication at all since I knew no japanese) when I was there because I went up and took some bread before my food came and the waitress came up and told me off (I think?!) and I had to put it back! I thought it was all you can eat bread but I don’t know what she was saying to me so I didn’t get to try it. I actually found nicer french toast in Hong Kong last week so finally the moomin toast has been beaten finally. It was deep fried so that’s always a winner. Do you get any chance to travel around asia while you’re staying in Japan? There’s so many places I’d love to go but the flights are a pain from Ireland.

    • Oh dear, I hate situations like that! It’s really hard to understand shop staff sometimes because they use such polite Japanese with lots of extra words and they always sound kind of worried XD That deep fried French toast sounds amazing! I have travelled quite a bit within Japan but I haven’t been to other Asian countries since I moved. I really should take the opportunity! I am planning to go and visit my family in Singapore the year after next and maybe also make a trip to Malaysia or Indonesia. Korea would be the easiest/cheapest place to go from here but I don’t have much interest in that country…. I guess I just need to find out more about it! Have you been to Korea?

  3. I simply *adore* Moomins, I vaguely remember the cartoon from when I was little but it was only a couple of years ago I discovered them properly when I came across one of the books in a charity shop and fell in love with Tove Jansson’s whimsical writing style and the Moomin way of life. I didn’t know this cafe existed, I’d of loved visiting it when I was in Tokyo.

  4. OMG! I love the Moomins, I used to see them on TV when I was a child, here in Mexico ❤ Also I thought that they wer hipopotamus that came from the moon, as you. I hope to go to that Moomin Cafe in the future, when I go to Japan.

    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that! I did not know before, but the Moomin cartoons were made in Japan! Did you know that? I hope you will get a chance to visit the cafe, it is really lovely 🙂

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